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I have been using Echlorial's Astaxanthin since the creation of this company for the quality of its products and the traceability. It brings me a global well being... the scientific review on your new product astaxanthin makes me want to try it! I look forward to sharing my experience with this product.
Coline P, September 18th, 2019
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Our "Star" microalgae that we have been promoting for almost 20 years! Chlorella is a freshwater microalgae with amazing health benefits. It fully deserves its nickname of "Queen of Detox" for its ability to detoxify heavy metals and PCBs from its environment, but also to improve intestinal transit, vitality and strengthen the immune system. On our specialized boutique you can buy the best organic Chlorella, ultra pure, grown under glass tubes in Europe, an environment perfectly protected from any external pollution.
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Spirulina's reputation is well known throughout the world, consumed in South America and Africa (dihe) for centuries for its nutritional properties. Spirulina is in fact a cyanobacteria that develops in a mixture of fresh and sea water. Composed of 60﹪ of proteins, iron, many vitamins and its infamous precious antioxidant phycocyanin, spirulina is a precious health ally. It is very appreciated by athletes practicing bodybuilding and running and people wishing to strengthen their hair. The best organic spirulina is offered to you: a 100﹪ natural spirulina, certified, grown in Europe.
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The famous pigment King of antioxidants! Astaxanthin is an extract of the micro-algae Haematococcus pluvialis. This crimson pigment belonging to the carotenoid family is a hyper powerful antioxidant 6000 times stronger than vitamin C. Astaxanthin is found naturally in nature, it gives its pink color to salmon, seafood but also to pink flamingos! Consumed since fairly recently, this molecule is a real gift from nature and we regularly discover new benefits on our health: astaxanthin supports our natural defenses, fights against aging, helps protect our skin from the sun, promotes male fertility and visual acuity.
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Omega 3

The new generation of Omega 3 is on its way! Eco-friendly Omegas, extracted directly at the source of the food chain without damaging our marine ecosystems. Our Omega 3, 100% vegetarian, are extracted from the micro alga Schyzochitrium, cultivated in a completely protected environment. The benefits of these fatty acids DHA and EPA are well known and it is imperative to find them in our food to be in good health. Omega 3 has been shown to help brain function, boost immunity, help joint flexibility and reduce cholesterol levels.

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Pioneers and recognized experts of the Chlorella micro-algae, we have been promoting chlorella and its incredible properties for almost 20 years! Two decades of scientific monitoring, meetings with numerous specialists and countless exchanges with consumers. The Chlorella adventure began with a life story, a story of friendship with Professor Steinberg. Director of a chemistry laboratory at the University of Leipzig in Germany. He introduced us to Chlorella, recognized as one of the most effective natural detoxifiers. eChlorial guarantees you an ultra pure Chlorella as it is grown in glass tubes under natural light. It is produced protected from pollution, airborne dust, insects, birds ... in unique and patented conditions. Our products are not grown in Asia but here, in Europe!
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