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The 6 Lies on Spirulina: Dangers, Organic Spirulina, Pregnancy…

➤ The 6 lies to know absolutely about spirulina algae: dangers, organic spirulina, thyroid, pregnancy…

Lie #1 : Spirulina represents a danger for your health

Presence of toxins and salmonella in spirulina!

Toxins, such as microcystins and salmonella are dangerous to the liver, and have sometimes been found in some spirulina samples from Asia imported into Europe. Be vigilant and favour serious producers and close productions. To find out for sure, do not hesitate to ask your spirulina brand directly.

Spirulina quality

The 6 Lies about Spirulina
The 6 Lies about Spirulina

Spirulina is considered by official health authorities to be a food. Its properties are such that it can be offered for sale as a food supplement according to European regulations.

It therefore does not represent a health risk any more than any other food such as salad, cheese, meat… It is essential to consume an organic spirulina of great quality! If it is grown under controlled conditions and its bacteriological analysis are in conformity there is no reason why it should be a danger to your health. It is strongly recommended to check the origin of the production. This must be clearly indicated.

Thyroid and iodine

People with thyroid problems regularly wonder if spirulina contains iodine: this is not the case, spirulina does not contain iodine. Only seaweed contains it, but spirulina is not an algae and is not grown with seawater, except in some rare cultures.

Lie #2 : Spirulina is not recommended during pregnancy

Spirulina is an excellent food supplement that pregnant women can consume if the quality of it is impeccable. For all foods that expectant mothers consume on a daily basis, it is important to be even more vigilant about the quality and origin of the products!

Lie #3 : Spirulina is an algae

Spirulina is commonly referred as blue-green algae and is considered a microalgae because it grows in water. In fact, it’s a cyanobacteria! This appellation is obviously of little importance, only its health properties are really important.

Lie #4 : Spirulina cures cancer

If spirulina cured cancer, it would be wonderful and it would surely have been known for a very long time! Spirulina alone obviously cannot cure cancer. However, it has proven anti-tumor properties, such as chlorella. Like the latter, spirulina can be used in cancer prevention and in support of anti-cancer treatments such as chemotherapy.

Lie #5 : Spirulina contains vitamin B12

Even if spirulina is a super food full of valuable nutrients for your health, on average only 20% of the cobalamin contained in spirulina is bio-available. The remaining 80% represents what researchers call “pseudo-vitamin B12”. This pseudo vitamin will mobilize physiological targets but it will not be “usable” by our body. Moreover, the pseudo vitamin B12 which will monopolize the physiological sites will compete with the real vitamin B12 present, to the detriment of the latter which is essential to us. This is why it is advisable to take the combination of chlorella and spirulina with a time interval of at least a few hours. Chlorella grown in glass tubes under natural sunlight contains vitamin B12.

Lie #6 : Organic spirulina is grown in your country

On the Internet and especially on Amazon you will find many brands that abuse of the brand “organic spirulina” and play on the notion of the certification “Made in USA/Canada/etc”. This approach is deliberately intended to mislead the consumer. Indeed, there are very few organic spirulina producers in the west, 99% of “Organic spirulinas” come from Asia (Mongolia, China, India). The designation “Made in …..” simply indicates that the spirulina tablets were made in your country, from a powder of unspecified origin. The product needs to clearly states : spirulina grown in “…” and not “made in”.

Organic Spirulina, grown in Europe

350g Powder - Organic Spirulina

350g Powder – Organic Spirulina

For 3,5 months of consumption !

Note from the eChlorial team
We would like to stress that the people interviewed or who testify on our blog do so in all sincerity without any conflict of interest.


  • The 20 February 2022 by Jeff

    Earthrise is one USA company where there spirulina is harvested in Southern California.

  • The 29 April 2022 by Dee

    I have Hashimoto’s. I was taking Spirulina, (powder form) by Nutrex. My doctor told me not to take Spirulina because it contains iodine You say it does not contain iodine. I’m so confused. I want to take Spirulina but I don’t want to damage my thyroid. I’m currently on 100mcg of Synthroid.

  • The 27 July 2022 by Lynn

    Is your spirulina tested for lipopolysaccharides, BMAA’s and microcystins?

  • The 17 August 2022 by admin_echlorial

    Hello, no it is not.


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