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Chlorella Usage Recommendations and Contraindications

Chlorella, micro-algae, is a food! Chlorella is not considered as a medicine, yet it has many health properties, validated by health authorities, the best known of which (but not the only one) is its ability to help detoxify heavy metals from our body*. The scientific literature is rich in publications and recognized articles that describe its beneficial effects on our health.

Chlorella is mainly produced in Asia, the quality of which can be very variable and above all difficult to verify. It is 99% of the products that you will find on the market, but there have recently been a few algae farms in Europe producing high quality organic chlorella, using a process in glass tubes that guarantees its purity. Indeed, chlorella is a real magnet for toxins and heavy metals, so it is imperative that it grows in a fully controlled environment protected from outside contamination.

Chlorella can be found for consumption in dry “raw” form, in powder or in tablets, often called capsules. Most Asian chlorella producers sell “broken cell wall” chlorella, arguing that it is better digested, but no difference in digestibility or effectiveness between intact and split cells has ever been demonstrated.

Chlorella Benefits – Image is free to share – Simply link back to this page and credit eChlorial® – Download the infographic in high resolution
Chlorella Vulgaris Composition
Chlorella Composition – Image is free to share – Simply link back to this page and credit eChlorial® – Download the infographic in high resolution

The active ingredients of chlorella are such that pharmaceutical laboratories are seeking to extract them to create or enrich medicines. About 80% of new consumers perceive the positive effects of chlorella before the end of the first month (*).


Organic Chlorella, grown in glass tubes in Europe

Box 650 tablets - Organic Chlorella

Box 650 tablets – Organic Chlorella

Premium European Chlorella grown in glass tubes

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Dosages and usage recommendations : how to take chlorella ?

Organic Chlorella can benefit nearly anyone, but there is no universal recipe for its use. We are all complex beings with many commonalities, but we are also individuals with our own unique characteristics and backgrounds. Factors such as absorption rates, disposal capabilities, physiological reactions, and levels of pollutants in the body are all specific to each individual.

These usage recommendations serve only to guide your first doses of chlorella. They provide information about average doses and treatments and should therefore be read for informational purposes only. It is important to make adjustments and find the dose that is right for you, according to your own unique needs. Moreover, do not forget that our needs can change over time, depending on the season, stress levels, fatigue, or other varying factors.

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Some people choose to take chlorella for 3-4 months twice a year while others prefer to take their supplements year-round. Similarly, some people take 10 chlorella tablets (300mg) a day while others take 30 tablets. It is up to each individual to adjust the dosage to his or her own needs.

Please note that no case of an overdose of chlorella has ever been reported.

To find the right dosage for you, pay close attention to your body’s reactions and how you feel overall.

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Recommended dosage for adults

Chlorella Glass Tubes
Ultra pure organic chlorella eChlorial cultivated in glass tubes

Consumer experiences have shown that a daily dose of 2-5 grams of chlorella (or 10-15 300 mg chlorella tablets) has significant positive effects on quality of life. Doctors and nutritionists also suggest taking 3-5 grams or 10-15 tablets every day to prevent health complications and illnesses.

Recommended dosage for children

Powdered chlorella (or crushed chlorella tablets) can be given to children. Doses should be adjusted to the weight of the child in proportion to the recommendations for adults. For example, a child weighing 20 kg should take around 1 gram of chlorella or 3 crushed chlorella tablets.

Benefits of Chlorella

Chlorella is a unicellular green microalga packed with essential nutrients and offering numerous health benefits. Scientific studies have demonstrated its beneficial properties, particularly in terms of detoxification, supporting the intestinal microbiota, boosting immune defenses, improving vitality and supporting normal intestinal function.

Chlorella detoxifies

Chlorella is considered a powerful detoxifying agent. It is able to bind heavy metals such as lead and mercury, as well as other toxic substances present in the body. By binding to these toxins, Chlorella contributes to their elimination via the intestinal tract, thus reducing their negative impact on health.

Development of the intestinal microbiota

The intestinal microbiota, made up of billions of beneficial bacteria, plays a crucial role in our digestive and general health. Studies have shown that Chlorella can promote the development of a balanced intestinal flora. By stimulating the growth of good bacteria, it helps maintain a healthy microbiota, which can improve digestion, boost immunity and prevent certain diseases.

Boosts the immune system

Chlorella also boosts the immune system. It contains bioactive compounds such as beta-glucans, which stimulate immune cells and promote antibody production. These immunostimulant actions help protect the body against infection and disease, by strengthening the natural immune response.

Enhanced vitality

Chlorella is rich in essential nutrients, such as vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids. These nutrients help to deeply nourish the body and improve vitality. By providing a full range of nutrients, Chlorella can help reduce fatigue, boost energy and support healthy cell and tissue function.

Helps normal intestinal function

Chlorella is also known for its beneficial properties on normal intestinal function. Its dietary fiber and active compounds promote intestinal regularity and support digestive health. It can help relieve constipation, improve colon health and prevent digestive disorders.

Various benefits experienced by chlorella consumers

Numerous testimonials from chlorella consumers also attest to its many benefits for joints, intestines, skin, mucous membranes and more. These testimonials, collected over more than 20 years, are sorted and available here: Chlorella opinions and testimonials.

When to take chlorella ?

Take chlorella at least one hour before or after taking any other medications (such as birth control pills). Ideally, take chlorella in the morning and other pills at night.

If it is more convenient, chlorella can be taken in two or three doses throughout the day rather than all at once.

Take chlorella before meals and with a large glass of water.

Because chlorella is rich in bioabsorpable iron, do not drink tea with chlorella. Tea can inhibit the absorption of iron.

In addition to taking chlorella tablets, using chlorella powder in cooking is very important, particularly when eating fish, which invariably contains a variety of toxins. Add 1-3 teaspoons of chlorella powder at a low temperature (60 degrees Celsius or below) or at the end of cooking in order to preserve its vitamins.

Recommendations for first use

It is best to begin by taking 1-2 chlorella tablets per day. Progressively increase the dose until reaching the desired dosage.

The average recommended dose of 10-15 tablets per day (2-5g) can be reached in 10 days.

Do I need to take chlorella year-round?

Chlorella can be taken every day, year-round. Alternatively, it can be taken in treatments of 3-4 months. These treatments should occur twice a year, once in spring and once in autumn.

Contraindications to chlorella

Those affected by hemochromatosis (an excess of iron) should not take chlorella because the supplement contains bioabsorbable iron.

If you are taking anticoagulants, consult your doctor before taking chlorella. Because chlorella contains vitamin K, which plays a role in coagulation, the supplement may affect anticoagulation treatment.

Side effects of chlorella

Possible intestinal disruption during the first days of use

Chlorella can stimulate intestinal activity immediately. Therefore, slight disturbances in intestinal behavior, including bloating, can occur during the first days of taking chlorella. These effects do not last.

The majority of new consumers notice an increase in intestinal activity without experiencing any significant discomfort. But if intestinal activity increases too much or too quickly, decrease the daily dose of chlorella or, if necessary, stop taking chlorella for several days.

Although few people experience a slowing down of intestinal activity, if this is the case, quickly increase dosage (30-60 tablets or more) and drink more liquids, preferably water. Normal functioning will return in approximately 10 days.

Side effets : Headaches, Vomiting, Joint pain, Dizziness…

Although they are rare, other side effects can occur after the first dose of chlorella. These may be due to the beginning of the detoxification process, which stirs up heavy metals that have accumulated in the body.

Side effects affect around 10% of people taking chlorella and vary in nature and intensity, depending on the level and type of pollutants in the body.

Some of the most common side effects include: headaches, sinus infections, joint pain, numbness, depressed mood, dizziness, and shaking.

To remedy negative side effects, increase dosage in order to accelerate the rate at which chlorella eliminates toxins and leaves the body. Take up to 15-30 tablets four times a day until side effects subside (8-10 days). Slowly reduce dosage amount and frequency until reaching a normal daily dose.

In some cases, consumers that are sensitive to caffeine have also experienced restlessness when taking chlorella with coffee. To avoid this side effect, it is best not to take chlorella with caffeine or at night.

If you’re looking for a natural & efficient heavy metal detoxification program, please see Dr Klinghardt detox program.


* An article by Michel Dogna of Journal Soignez vous, N°26, « Mort lente par les métaux lourds » [Editor: Sté Santé Port Royal]

** (Source: Agence Française de sécurité sanitaire des aliments – Saisine 2002- 004 AFSSA)

Chlorella for pregnant women***

A recent study showed that women who consumed Chlorella daily during their pregnancy had fewer dioxins and more immunoglobin in their breast milk. Chlorella could thus help women produce breast milk that is more pure and that benefits the immune system and health of their children.

*** (Source: Nakano S, Takekoshi H, Nakano M. “Chlorella pyrenoidosa supplementation decreases dioxin and increases immunoglobulin concentrations in breast milk.” J Med Food. 2007 Mar;10(1): 134-42.)

Note from the eChlorial team
We would like to stress that the people interviewed or who testify on our blog do so in all sincerity without any conflict of interest.


  • The 21 November 2016 by Darren Ailshie

    I am wondering if yaeyama Chlorella has interactions with some antidepressants or antisycotics? I’ve been taking 13.5 grams daily for months devided in three servings per day..of course I started out taking 3 grams per day an increased dosage by about 300 mg with each serving. Lately I’ve been experiencing increase in affects of my mental illness. So I decreased dosages down to 9 grams per day at 3 grams per serving. Three times per day.. Am I still getting to much iron.. I eat plant based foods often an am concerned about my losing about 60 lbs. I also walk jog three miles 5 times per week..this summer no real issues with chlorella but am worried about interactions with medications. I take Zoloft, welbutran an in bags. Is it possible better health due to chlorella exercise an nutritionist food maybe needing me to decrease meds? Is my mental health better an current dosages are to much now?

  • The 22 November 2016 by Muriel Cathaud, Docteur es Sciences

    Hello Darren,
    Unfortunately we cannot comment on a chlorella brand other than Chlorella Echlorial as we are not sure of its purity. You should consult your medical doctor regarding these matters and directly contact your chlorella brand. It is always advised not to take chlorella and any other type of medication at the same time.
    Thank you

  • The 30 April 2017 by Joyce Dahlbetg

    I have late stage lyme (most likely since 1990) started treatment ? One year now. When are the best times to take chlorella take am and Hs many antibiotics and 6pm supplemenrs. Also does chlorella pull mercury out of teeth. Can not afford 25000 for removal and scared to touch anything in there to make it worst . Do not wish false teeth would also be very costly as need to remove mercury safely although I did not check that cost. I take EDTA overnight 10days = 1,treatment and have gotten chelation 3 times for lead and more ongoing

  • The 1 May 2017 by Muriel Cathaud, Docteur es Sciences

    Hi Joyce, it is best to take chlorella at least one hour before or after any other type of medication to make sure its precious components don’t interact with other chemicals.

  • The 23 October 2018 by Rivka Brashear

    How long should Instop taking chlorella before going out in the sun?

    Thank you

  • The 29 October 2018 by admin_echlorial

    We are not sure to understand your question ? There is no contra-indications between sun exposition and chlorella intake. Just make sure you are well protected if you expose yourself to the sun, as always.

  • The 12 December 2018 by Veronica

    My daughter is 33 month old and weights 24 lb, taking Kepra for her seizures and a mitochondrial cocktail (variety of supplements and vitamins for mitochondrial dysfunction) , she is G feeding tube. How much of Chlorella do you recommend for her?

  • The 14 December 2018 by admin_echlorial

    Young children the age of your daughter can easily take 1g / day. If you’d like to give her chlorella you could start with 0,2 g and increase dosage progressively while monitoring her stools. Don’t hesitate to get back to us when you receive your product. Thank you

  • The 20 January 2019 by Nikki

    Can your chlorella be cooked? I would like to use this chlorella for heavy metal detox but would like to know if it will be effective in absorbing heavy metals even when warmed or cooked?

  • The 20 January 2019 by Muriel Cathaud, Docteur es Sciences

    Chlorella can be cooked and will remain capable to remove heavy metals but please, note that if the temperation is over 40 °C most of vitamins thermolabiles will be destroyed

  • The 3 February 2019 by Rhonda


    Because chlorella assists in purging the metals from your body, how does it affect a person who has silver fillings?

  • The 4 February 2019 by Muriel Cathaud, Docteur es Sciences

    Chlorella catchs metallic particles, not solid metal

  • The 22 February 2019 by Wendy Winder

    I would like to give Chlorella tablets (Sun Chlorella) to my dad who is 76 years old because of all the health benefits. However, he is allergic to mold. Will this be beneficial or would it hurt if I give this to him? Thanks in advance

  • The 22 February 2019 by admin_echlorial

    Hello and thank you for your message,
    Unfortunately we cannot give you indications regarding a different brand of chlorella other than eChlorial. We recommend you get in touch directly with your vendor.
    Thank you,

  • The 7 March 2019 by Ollie

    Thank you for creating this marvellous product. Just a question that I can not find answer on the site.
    Is it broken cell wass chlorella?
    As I understand that the human body can’t actually digest it whole and it should be consumed in a “broken cell wall” state.

  • The 7 March 2019 by admin_echlorial

    Thank you Ollie for your kind comment! That is a question we receive regularly, you will find the answer in this article :)

  • The 10 November 2020 by Kelsey

    When you say it can’t be taken with tea, does that mean I can’t have tea at any time during this treatment? Or does that simply mean not to take it when I take at the same time I take my dose of chlorella?

  • The 11 November 2020 by Muriel Cathaud, Docteur es Sciences

    It means do not drink tea at the same moment if you need the iron from the chlorella.
    Tea prevents iron absorption. You can drink tea about 1 hour earlier or later.

  • The 22 January 2021 by Thandazo

    Im a first time user, and Im on oral contraceptive so how many tablets can I take on a daily basis?.

  • The 23 January 2021 by Muriel Cathaud, Docteur es Sciences


  • The 4 February 2022 by Jessica

    Is Chlorella generally recognized as safe by the FDA?

  • The 4 February 2022 by admin_echlorial

    Hello, yes chlorella does have GRAS status.

  • The 5 February 2022 by Janine

    What is it exactly, in tea that inhibits the absorption? You can’t just give that statement without giving the reason. Is it the caffeine? That means no coffee either.

  • The 7 February 2022 by admin_echlorial

    Yes, same with coffee. It is advised to consume chlorella at least one our before or after tea/coffee. “Tea interferes with iron absorption and can lead to iron deficiency anemia when consumed in large quantities. The rechallenge effect of green tea on anemia in a middle‐aged man emphasizes the potential causal role of this beverage”. Source : https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5093162/

  • The 30 June 2022 by Jessica

    Hello, can you please recommend the chlorella dosage to counteract effects of radiotherapy? Treatment finishes tomorrow, so I will restart supplements the day after. I was taking one tablet of chlorella daily prior to radiotherapy (5 days treatment). Thank you

  • The 17 August 2022 by admin_echlorial

    You could double the standard dosage, therefore 6g / day. Do not hesitate to increase dosage if you need more energy, and you can also use astaxanthin.

  • The 12 September 2022 by Stephanie

    Why do i have joint paint and feel fatigue after chlorella consumpption

  • The 23 September 2022 by admin_echlorial

    Recommendations and answers on that topic vary based on the quality of chlorella you are consuming. What is the brand you are using?

  • The 17 October 2022 by Jade

    Hi, I am allergic to penicillin so can I take this ?

  • The 19 October 2022 by admin_echlorial

    There is no contraindication for people who are allergic to penicillin.

  • The 17 November 2022 by Louise

    Good afternoon, my partner and I started taking Chlorella tablets (300gm) approximately 3 weeks ago because of its’ many amazing health benefits. However, my partner has an Autoimmune disease and receives immune suppressant medication. As Chlorella is known for boosting immunity, is this likely to cause conflict with his medication?

    Thank you in advance,

  • The 21 November 2022 by admin_echlorial

    For future specific inquiries you should contact your vendor directly, as we are very solicited and try to focus our time on our consumers. We respond nonetheless here :
    We can only take into account the testimonies of our consumers.
    It appears that people suffering from autoimmune diseases often find a clear benefit to the use of chlorella whose immunomodulatory properties are well known.
    Chlorella is also an excellent anti-inflammatory and can equal cortisone in certain cases without having the deleterious effects caused by the latter.
    Thank you,

  • The 4 February 2023 by Wanda

    Thank you for the information very useful

  • The 28 April 2023 by Rakel

    Can i do Chlorella while i’m on chemotheraphy? Some studies indicate that it might interfere with the chemopoison, and others that it might help untoxify the body while doing chemo, and in that matter defend the body from the toxiticity. I find it difficult to find good advice. I will start chemo in 2-3 weeks from now, and haven’t got a clue how to do the best choice for myself.

  • The 3 May 2023 by Heather

    Hi, I have heard that chlorella and vitamin C should not be taken within a few hours of one another. Is this the case with other antioxidant supplements? Is it reasonable to take the chlorella doses during the day and other supplements at night?

  • The 4 May 2023 by admin_echlorial

    Hello, we simply can relay the feedback we have had from chlorella consumers in similar situations : chlorella seemed to be beneficial during and after the chemo as it boosts the overall immune system. See the testimonials : chemotherapy and breast surgery and mouth sores caused by chemo. Thank you

  • The 4 May 2023 by admin_echlorial

    No problem of compatibility with natural vitamin C. Our “star” antioxydant (astaxanthin) is consumed during meals, chlorella in the morning on an empty stomach and spirulina in the second half of the day.

  • The 12 May 2023 by Journey Lockhart

    Do you need to take another supplement for your body to be able to absorb the chlorella? I think maybe it was magnesium???

  • The 12 May 2023 by admin_echlorial

    There is no digestibility problem to consume chlorella, moreover it contains a lot of magnesium already due to its high content in chlorophyll (most chlorophylls bind magnesium).

  • The 14 May 2023 by Sonya

    Is this safe to take with other supplements like magnesium, collagen, black seed oil , Turkey tail? I take many medicinal herbal boosts in my teas and know not to drink tea within the hour of Chlorella but want to make sure I don’t over due vitamins

  • The 15 May 2023 by admin_echlorial

    There already is a lot of magnesium in chlorella and it is a very complete supplement in general, but you can continue taking other supplements if they benefit your health. It is better to space the intake of chlorella and other supplements by an hour as well.

  • The 21 October 2023 by Tim

    I have been taking chlorella for a few days now. 1-2 teaspoons of podwer per day in a glass of water.
    On the third day, I had a large pimple on my neck which is I think is linked to my digestive system and I also feel more thirsty during the day.
    Would this be part of the detoxification process?

  • The 22 October 2023 by admin_echlorial

    It could be, the first effect felt by chlorella intake is on the digestive system. Chlorella is extremely beneficial for the microbiota and it is very likely why it has such a wide range of health properties. See Chlorella Testimonials

    In Chinese medicine, you would be told that any impurity disturbed in your body must be evacuated, through the skin, lungs, stools, urine…
    It’s common to have intestinal problems, sometimes digestive problems, or the appearance of pimples.
    These symptoms may be attributable to chlorella or spirulina,
    If they persist, seek medical advice.
    Increase your water intake to speed up elimination by the kidneys.


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