Chemotherapy, breast surgery

  • Hair and nails
  • Immunity

Since my last operation I have undergone chemotherapy, breast surgery and radiotherapy. During this period I took a higher dose of your Chlorella. My cancer is now under control and I am considered cured!

I don’t know if the Chlorella has anything to do with it, but I have noticed an extraordinary improvement in the condition of my nails, which were crumbly and thin, and which are now hard, solid and I can wear them long. The same goes for my hair, which is growing back nicely, but thicker than before! I will continue to take it for life, because I am convinced of its benefits!

Sincerely yours,


Christiane, 29 October 2018
Note from the eChlorial team
We would like to stress that the people interviewed or who testify on our blog do so in all sincerity without any conflict of interest.


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