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Chlorella and detox : how does it work ?

Chlorella is scientifically proven to help eliminate heavy metals from the body **.

The detoxifying abilities of chlorella are now indisputably recognized! 

But how does it work? 

To date, chlorella appears to be the most effective natural solution for the removal of heavy metals, dioxins and PCBs. 

Chlorella cleans our fluids (blood, lymph), our tissues, our emunctories (intestines, liver, kidneys, skin, lungs). This cleansing is an essential prerequisite for any recovery of our health.

Within a few months, regular consumption of 3 to 20 g of chlorella per day significantly reduces heavy metal levels in the blood and fat. 

Chlorella is the most effective plant for naturally and safely eliminating heavy metals and chemical molecules that our bodies have a hard time getting rid of. Over the years, it stores them while they are sources of premature aging, appearance or aggravation of diseases, including neurodegenerative.

We are all exposed to many toxic products present in our environment (pesticides, heavy metals, dioxins…). These pollutions have a negative impact on our quality of life. They have even become a public health problem.

Heavy metals such as mercury, lead, cadmium … but also aluminum, or even dioxins or organochlorine aromatic compounds (PCBs), can be responsible for severe disorders. It is proven that they promote diseases such as:

– Mycoses,
– Cancer,
– Lyme,
– Multiple sclerosis,
– Hormonal dysregulation (thyroid . .)
– Fibromyalgia
– …

How does it work? The detox process

Chlorella contains the elements that will mobilize and then dislodge pollutants (heavy metals and chemicals) stored in our bodies. It also contains elements that will take care of transporting them out for elimination.

How chlorella dislodges pollutants

Among the mobilizing elements, the most important is chlorophyll!

In addition, chlorella is also known to contain specific small molecules such as glycoproteins that have been shown to be effective in cleansing the body.
The detox effectiveness of chlorella is related to its high chlorophyll content, one of the highest found in plants on our planet!” 3 g of chlorella, the average recommended daily dose per adult, provides about 100 mg of total chlorophyll per day.

How Chlorella removes pollutants

Once dislodged, pollutants cling to the fibers of the chelating membrane of chlorella. Because these fibers are not digested, they are eliminated via the stool and with them the pollutants they carry.


Scientific evidence

The detoxifying effects, of chlorella are documented in numerous scientific works conducted on animals but also in humans and pregnant women, some of which are very recent.

Excerpt from the book “chlorella The Healthy Superfood”

“In Japan, a study conducted by Nakano et al. in 2007* showed that consumption of 6 g per day of chlorella during pregnancy reduced the concentration of dioxins in breast milk by about 30%. At the same time, a significant increase in the concentration of immunoglobulin (Ig)A in milk was demonstrated.
The consumption of chlorella by pregnant and then breastfeeding women would thus have a double beneficial effect for infants, that of reducing their exposure to dioxins and that of better protecting them from the risks of infections.

→ In the book, an entire chapter is devoted to this topic with bibliographic references.

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*NAKANO S., TAKEKOSHI H., NAKANO M. chlorella (chlorella pyrenoidosa) supplementation decreases dioxin and increases immunoglobulin A concentrations in breast milk. Journal of Medicinal Food, 2007, 10(1): 134-142

** This information is based on health claims authorized under the European legislation on food supplements (EC n° 1924/2006). EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) 1500, 1887, 1888, 2415, 2314

Note from the eChlorial team
We would like to stress that the people interviewed or who testify on our blog do so in all sincerity without any conflict of interest.


  • The 7 December 2022 by Marisa

    But does chlorella remove essential metals/minerals such as magnesium and potassium? Thanks.

  • The 7 December 2022 by admin_echlorial

    Organic Chlorella eChlorial contains 10% of minerals (magnesium, iron, potassium, calcium …) – see link to composition of chlorella.
    Chlorella is a natural chelator which removes heavy metals such as mercury, pesticides…

  • The 16 July 2023 by Stephen

    Is there any study on the chelating effects of chlorella on diesel particles in the body?

  • The 18 July 2023 by admin_echlorial

    To the best of our knowledge, no studies have been published specifically on the aromatic molecules that essentially make up the fuel, but there are a large number of studies showing the effectiveness of chlorella in eliminating molecules such as PCBs and especially heavy metals.

  • The 1 November 2023 by Elilu Bruno

    Is chlorella capable of elimination of heavy metal in body organs ? Because m human ost research is saying that the information is limited

  • The 2 November 2023 by admin_echlorial

    Chlorella has long proven its ability to cleanse the body, even deep down (within the cells), see the link listed in the sources.

  • The 20 February 2024 by Linda

    Does Chlorella work when it is cooked? I was adding it to cooked food. Now I am adding it to yogurt or cold drinks. I need to get some pills!

  • The 26 March 2024 by admin_echlorial

    Hello, if you cook the chlorella it will lose its precious nutrients and properties.


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