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eChlorial is an ultra specialized micro-algae boutique

We are a small family business founded in 2002 by Muriel Cathaud, Doctor of Science, specialist in chlorella. After obtaining a doctorate in physics and chemistry from the University of Lyon I, Muriel worked for many years in the medical research sector. At the same time she continued to exchange with Professor Karl Steinberg, a renowned scientist and long-time friend. It is Professor Steinberg who made her discover the properties of chlorella. It is from this friendship that eChlorial was born and started to make chlorella known in France and abroad.

Today, next to our Organic Chlorella grown in glass tubes, you will find on the store different micro-algae with exceptional qualities. In order to keep a real expertise and to advise our consumers in the best way, eChlorial has chosen to specialize only in microalgae: chlorella, spirulina, astaxanthin (heamatococcus microalga extract) and Vegan Omega 3 (extract of Schyzochitrium micro alga). On our online shop you will only find products that we know and whose quality and traceability we have verified.


Our main priority is Quality! We personally consume the products we sell every day. Great Chefs use our products in their kitchens for their impeccable quality. While 99% of the world’s microalgae production comes from China, Mongolia or India, our products are grown in Europe.

eChlorial is the only certified organic store specialized in microalgae that offers products exclusively grown in Europe and in perfectly controlled conditions to ensure maximum quality, regular monitoring and a minimum carbon footprint.

We have a very rigorous Quality Charter: eChlorial’s chlorella, spirulina and astaxanthin are grown in a perfectly protected environment, free from any external pollution. Our micro-algae are all produced in Europe, in a controlled environment, by our rigorously selected producers. The production is rigorously monitored according to the European standards in force. Each batch is analyzed in microbiology. The absence of heavy metals and traces of residues are regularly controlled by independent laboratories. eChlorial has been the French expert in chlorella and micro-algae for nearly 20 years.

Note from the eChlorial team
We would like to stress that the people interviewed or who testify on our blog do so in all sincerity without any conflict of interest.


  • The 5 June 2022 by Mari

    Is chlorella broken down in tablets? I read that if the cell walls are intact, then there is no benefit in taking chlorella.

  • The 5 June 2022 by admin_echlorial

    Hello, the answer to this specific question is available here : The Truth about broken cell chlorella


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