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Properties and Virtues of Chlorella

Detoxifying, Energizing and Protecting

Action detoxifiante de la Chlorella

The benefits of Chlorella or Chlorella are numerous, but it is especially recognized as being one of the most effective natural detoxifier. It naturally eliminates from our body, heavy metals, dioxins, organochlorinated aromatic compounds such as PCBs.

To this day, Chlorella remains the most effective natural solution for the elimination of heavy metals, dioxins and PCBs from the body.

Chlorella is able to fix (chelate – we pronounce the word “Kelate”) heavy metals, dioxins and PCBs, notably thanks to its complex cellulose membrane. It is helped in this function by a number of components such as Chlorophyll and other small molecules such as glycoproteins. Once the toxic elements are fixed by the fibers of Chlorella, which are not resorbed, they are eliminated from the body via the stools.

It is widely proven that metals such as mercury, lead, cadmium … but also dioxins or organochlorine aromatic compounds (PCBs), could be responsible for severe disorders and seriously influence diseases such as :

    • Cancer
    • Mycoses
    • Multiple sclerosis
    • Thyroid disorders
    • Fibromyalgia

Heavy metals are everywhere. They are naturally emitted into the atmosphere during forest fires or volcanic eruptions, but they are also, and have been for a long time, produced because they are used by humans. They are released into the atmosphere, into water and land, notably by industrial installations using fossil fuels, by means of road transport…
Drinking water, food (meat, fish, agricultural products) can contain a more or less important rate of heavy metals according to the quality of the environment and too often the pollution of their place of origin. They are also found in significant quantities in certain dental amalgams (our famous fillings still authorized in France although they have been prohibited in many European countries for a very long time!)

The human or animal body cannot degrade heavy metals. It eliminates them very slowly and in the meantime it accumulates them, mainly in the liver, the kidneys, the brain, the skeleton, the skin, the nails and the hair. Their concentration increases with time. For these reasons, we are all more or less “intoxicated” by heavy metals and their presence in our body is not without effects, especially when combined with aging.

Chronic exposure to heavy metals is clinically proven to cause a variety of diseases, cancers, kidney disorders, developmental delay and accelerated neuronal degeneration. We need to protect ourselves from this pollution which is a risk factor for the major age-related diseases and disorders.

The heavy metals and dioxins that surround us, alter our organism which is more and more sensitive as the years go by, without us being able to escape from them. The means of medicine are most often reduced to relieving the effects of the evil, whereas it would be necessary to attack its source, i.e. the elimination of the toxic elements, to avoid their absorption. Chlorella is a simple and natural way to eliminate the toxic elements that pollute us.

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Chlorella protects us by stimulating our immune system

Chlorella: stimulant des défenses naturelles

It stimulates our natural defenses, studies prove it

Scientific studies have shown that Chlorella has the ability to stimulate the immune system. Chlorella thus reinforces our resistance to environmental aggressions, even to tumors, and it can prevent the effects of aging.

Testimonies are more and more numerous from consumers who have verified a very clear improvement in the quality of their mucous membranes from the 3rd month of consumption of Chlorella.

  • – They note the regression of symptoms due to: herpes labialis, mouth ulcers, Candidas albican
  • – They also note an improvement of psoriasis and eczema.

Today, Chlorella, known to be a real cocktail of precious components for health, is widely used as a dietary supplement by anyone concerned about preserving their health. The properties of Chlorella are documented in more than 2000 international scientific studies and publications.

Laboratory studies (preclinical) and clinical studies on humans, have reported that extracts of Chlorella and/or preparations of Chlorella walls, taken orally or injected, present different virtues for health, notably capacities to stimulate the immune system.

Studies report the ability of Chlorella to stimulate the immune system.

Stimulates development with growth factor (CGF)

The CGF or growth factor contained in Chlorella helps the growth of children and adolescents and facilitates the regeneration or reconstruction of tissues. Chlorella contains the famous Growth Factor which makes it so valuable for stimulating cell generation or regeneration.

The composition of Chlorella is rich in elements which are known as “growth factors” such as certain proteins, peptides, vitamins, fatty acids… Growth factors” are now recognized as being able to revitalize and stimulate cell development and therefore physiological metabolism.

The “growth factors” are beginning to be studied in regenerative or restorative medicine, especially for :

  • Strengthen bones suffering from decalcification (osteoporosis)
  • Helping to heal wounds in diabetics

The precious elements that enter into the composition of Chlorella, are for the most part, capable of stimulating cellular metabolism. Their association seems to explain the amplification of the effects by a phenomenon of synergy.

Prevents deficiencies (vitamin B12, Omega 3, Omega 6, mineral salts …)

Chlorella is an excellent diet support. It is a valuable supplement for all those who have an unbalanced diet. Due to the unique nutritional properties and high biological value of Chlorella vulgaris, the consumption of this microalgae helps to avoid many deficiencies.

A daily intake of 3 g is recommended for an average-sized adult. This quantity of Chlorella is obviously not insufficient to ensure a complete diet. It is not a substitute for a daily, diversified and balanced diet.

3 g per day of Chlorella is a dosage for a complementation, in prevention of nutritional deficiencies.

The recommended dose of 3 g per day of Chlorella contains nearly 2.5 mg / kg of bio-absorbable vitamin B12. It provides the body with more than the recommended daily dose of B12 (about 120%).

Chlorella therefore appears to be an indispensable food supplement for anemic, anorexic people or people who never or very little eat meat, such as the elderly, vegetarians or vegans.

Fights against aging thanks to its antioxidants

Chlorella contains antioxidants that prevent a number of disorders that occur with aging:

Antioxidants of Chlorella :

  • – Chlorophylls are very active in particular on detoxifying activity, and multiple other beneficial actions,
  • – Carotenoids, lutein, beta(β)-carotene prevent age-related macular degeneration (AMD), protect the cardiovascular system, prevent atherosclerosis,
  • – Compounds such as phenolic acids, phytosterols, ergosterols, are beneficial in the fight against inflammatory diseases, cinnamic acid is an analgesic, antiseptic, phytosterols that help in the resorption of cholesterol,
  • – L-ascorbic acid (vitamin C) is involved in the synthesis of collagen and red blood cells and participates in the immune system,
  • – tocopherols and four tocotriecols, natural forms of vitamin E, which play a particularly important role in biological membranes.

Chlorella contains Tryptophan and Omega 3


It is difficult to describe this feeling simply but it could be explained by the presence of Tryptophan in significant quantity (0.1 to 0.4 g per 100g of dry matter).

Tryptophan is the precursor of many neurotransmitters such as serotonin, commonly called the happiness hormone, but also melatonin!

Tryptophan is an essential amino acid. It is not synthesized by our body which must get it from its food.

The immuno-modulatory power of Tryptophan helps reduce stress.

Tryptophan is responsible for many neurological interactions. It would help recovery after a major physical effort or it would be able to reduce the effects of jetlag (jet lag). It would also be useful to help periods of menstrual disorders in women.

Tryptophan is therefore known to promote better sleep, help depression, relieve irritability and anxiety, or help self-control.

Omega 3

Chlorella contains Omega 3 ! Studies have shown that omega 3 are excellent to fight the “blues”: they participate in the fight against depression.

It is curious to note that in popular knowledge, it is well known that fish are a rich source of omegas. It should not be forgotten that fish are enriched with these precious lipids by consuming phytoplankton or algae!

The double combined action of Tryptophan and omega 3 contained in Chlorella probably explains in part the well being felt when consumed regularly.

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