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Benefits for skin and eyes

I wanted to know if astaxanthin could be taken over a long period? I’ve already taken it for 2 months and it’s done a lot of good for my skin and eyes, but it hasn’t improved my pigmentation spots. I think you need to take it over a longer period. Thank you in advance for your reply.

Nathalie, 17 February 2024
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Read without crying!

Hello, astaxanthin solves my problem of tired eyes: I can read again in the evening without crying!

Thank you

Marie Laure, 6 February 2024
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Chronic fatigue

Having suffered from chronic fatigue syndrome for 22 years, I’ve tried a number of food supplements. For the 1st time, I felt a real improvement with chorella and astaxanthin (supplemented with SamE and shilajit resin). Improved energy, mood, concentration, digestion and immunity.

Many thanks for the quality of these products.

Naomi, 25 January 2024
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Clear improvement in my cerebral capacity

Every time I start an Astaxanthin cure, it’s the same thing: after about 15 days, I feel a clear improvement in my cerebral capacities. I feel like reading everything, understanding everything, seeing every film, it’s intoxicating, and it gives me great joy, which I certainly wasn’t expecting. It’s like being doped! Thank you so much.

Stéphane, 17 October 2023
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Vicacity of spirit

Astaxanthin has an extraordinary effect on me, which I notice very quickly. I’ve regained my mental alertness, my brain seems revived and my memory reactivated. I feel better in my skin and a zest for life that makes me want to do lots of things.

Stéphane, 21 September 2023
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This product is really great

This product is really great, I have a very pretty complexion and a lot less wrinkles.
If I have to make a choice, this is it. The chlorella I tried is great too.

Philippe, 27 July 2023
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It doesn’t hurt everywhere anymore

I take 2 capsules in the morning, and at noon with a little wheat germ oil and a meal.
I run between 10 and 15km a day and I don’t have any pain anywhere. (Yet I run minimally, practically barefoot).

Thank you for this exceptional product.

Philippe, 17 February 2023
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Getting back on track after a tumor

Chlorella helped me to recover from a brain tumor (9 hours of surgery) in 2011. Since then, it never leaves me and gives me vitality and well-being. On the intestinal transit it is great no need to drink liters of hepar. I started with tablets and then I followed the advice of Muriel Cathaud and since then I take the powder that I consider miraculous. I have been using it for more than 10 years and I also take astaxanthin which made me lose the sun spots I had on my face.

Nadine, 15 December 2022
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Astaxanthin and chlorella: a shock duo

It is with pleasure that I would like to testify to the high quality of your products; indeed I have been taking chlorella for several years and the benefits on my health are amazing: intestinal comfort, fluid joints, elimination of heavy metals, anti stress etc… But the most is to associate it with astaxanthin that I have been taking for a year and the effects are effective from the first month: clear improvement of vision (clearer vision, less blurred), hydration of the skin strengthened (especially on dry skin), renewed energy felt in the morning (2 capsules to take in the morning).

I highly recommend chlrella and astaxanthin, great products for our health!

Be well …


Milo, 20 September 2020
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Astaxanthin: after 2 months

I read a fascinating article about the benefits of Astaxanthin in a magazine distributed by my organic retailer. As a recurrent fibromyalgia sufferer with natural anxiety and panic attacks, I saw in astaxanthin the possibility of reinforcing my immune defenses and probably remedying my discomfort.

I understood that the time and duration of intake were important to measure the effects. The most difficult thing was to find a laboratory in which I could trust. Intuitively I went to Echlorial.

8 gr per day, 2 capsules at noon for 5 days: 2 hours later I felt sick as if I had drunk 2 or 3 coffees… I thought that the dose was too strong. I took 2 days only one capsule. Less discomfort but I was not well. I almost stopped. Then I started to take the 2 capsules at breakfast. The discomfort disappeared, just a feeling of hypoglycemia at the end of the morning. But isn’t it just a little hypoglycemia? I have been taking 2 capsules for 2 months. I have just recommended them. I hesitate to complete with chorella. I think I’ll continue like this for several months; just to make a statement about astaxanthin.


Lamartine , 6 August 2020
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Addicted to this product!

I’ve been taking chlorella echlorial continuously for more than 5 years now, and I’ve been taking astaxanthin for 6 months. I can say that I am addicted to this product because I don’t want to do without it as it does me so much good.

I discovered chlorella at a difficult time in my life. In 2014, I had brain surgery for a tumor that fortunately turned out to be benign. My doctor had recommended it to me, saying it would help strengthen my body and would make a good cleanse of the anesthesia products after surgery. Chlorella immediately gave me tone and a better morale which I really needed.

I am 55 years old and I like to move, I am rather sporty. Today I can say that chlorella and astaxanthin, taken in combination, give me “the zest”!
Since the beginning of the year I have been taking astaxanthin (3 capsules per day). It improves my endurance and gives me better recovery capacities. I also expect this product to protect my brain from aging. I find this product amazing!

Chlorella and astaxanthin are now part of my daily routine, these algae have their place in my diet. They are really great for the form and the morale, you have to test them to make an idea.


Nadine, 14 April 2020
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My opinion on astaxanthin : effects on the cognitive

I would like to let you know my surprise and great satisfaction with the use of astaxanthin. I discovered it about six months ago by reading your newsletter on this subject. I am a regular user of your products and I give a lot of credit to your proposals because I have never been disappointed by your products and your always wise and benevolent advice.

I have tried astaxanthin by taking 2 tablets a day during lunch. I can confirm that it boosts my energy because even if chlorella keeps me in excellent physical shape, taking astaxanthin has increased my energy tenfold and I really appreciated it. I’m still waiting a little while to decide on its effectiveness on my skin which is particularly dry. What I can say today is that I resisted better to the first sun and that I colored quickly whereas my skin is white and I am not looking for a tan.

Faced with these interesting effects, I made my 88 year old father take some. He is in good shape but he complains more and more about pain in his hips. Chlorella doesn’t manage to soothe him as much as before. I wanted to see if astaxanthin could calm his pain. My father has all his head but for some time I noticed that he had more and more frequent absences. I gave him astaxanthin at a rate of 4 capsules per day, that is to say 16 mg. The result was not where I expected it to be but it surprised me, and even bluffed me! The pains did not diminish but I am afraid that nothing can be done about it, on the other hand, since he takes the astaxanthin, he does not have any more absences !!! and I admit that this result was largely worth the trial. This product really acts on the maintenance of the brain functions. I wanted to share this testimonial because I think that many of us, as we age, are looking for natural products that are effective in preventing brain aging! Astaxanthin or the combination of chlorella and astaxanthin (since he takes both) is a real solution to remember.


Anonymous, 1 September 2019
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Protected from the sun!

I must admit that I am quite bluffed by the effect of astaxanthin on the protection of the skin in the sun! I had taken it especially during a 2 weeks vacation in Corfu last year where the weather was wonderful in September. I protected myself of course (T-shirt, sun cream) but being blond I usually get sunburned at the beginning of the exposure, at least in the neck, on the legs, etc. This time I didn’t get sunburned for 2 weeks and I was much more tanned than usual! I highly recommend it, thanks again


Vincent, 18 July 2019
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Energy boost and skin protection

I hold a position of responsibility that requires a lot of energy, availability, and travel abroad, particularly in the United States, Asia and Europe. Despite a healthy lifestyle (sports and healthy food) I started 2019 very tired to the point of not being able to enjoy my weekends, let’s say they were no longer sufficient to allow me a full sleep and energy to better catch up with the week.

Worried, I started my research on the internet for a ‘natural’ solution to my problem. Very quickly, I learned about astaxanthin distributed by the Echlorial team. I ordered a 2 months cure in order to test it; with a 2 capsules intake per evening, after dinner. After 15 days I could see the first effects, I felt less tired, more energetic, therefore more efficient, with a quality sleep and above all, a quick recovery of my movements. I can now enjoy my free time and I even feel better morally! To date, I am at 4 months of astaxanthin consumption and I do not want to stop.

I recently had the opportunity to spend a few days in the sun (in Barcelona). So first exposure to the sun since winter. Having a fair skin, normally after a few days in the sun (no direct exposure and with protective cream), I have a reddened and very dry skin. During my stay in Barcelona I didn’t get red but I was ‘colored’ directly and didn’t have the dry feeling and the immediate need to moisturize my skin several times a day as I used to.

I am convinced that the preparation to the sun thanks to the intake of astaxanthin has a lot to do with it. I recommend Echlorial astaxanthin without hesitation; it is of excellent quality!


Lily, 18 July 2019
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