My opinion on astaxanthin : effects on the cognitive

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I would like to let you know my surprise and great satisfaction with the use of astaxanthin. I discovered it about six months ago by reading your newsletter on this subject. I am a regular user of your products and I give a lot of credit to your proposals because I have never been disappointed by your products and your always wise and benevolent advice.

I have tried astaxanthin by taking 2 tablets a day during lunch. I can confirm that it boosts my energy because even if chlorella keeps me in excellent physical shape, taking astaxanthin has increased my energy tenfold and I really appreciated it. I’m still waiting a little while to decide on its effectiveness on my skin which is particularly dry. What I can say today is that I resisted better to the first sun and that I colored quickly whereas my skin is white and I am not looking for a tan.

Faced with these interesting effects, I made my 88 year old father take some. He is in good shape but he complains more and more about pain in his hips. Chlorella doesn’t manage to soothe him as much as before. I wanted to see if astaxanthin could calm his pain. My father has all his head but for some time I noticed that he had more and more frequent absences. I gave him astaxanthin at a rate of 4 capsules per day, that is to say 16 mg. The result was not where I expected it to be but it surprised me, and even bluffed me! The pains did not diminish but I am afraid that nothing can be done about it, on the other hand, since he takes the astaxanthin, he does not have any more absences !!! and I admit that this result was largely worth the trial. This product really acts on the maintenance of the brain functions. I wanted to share this testimonial because I think that many of us, as we age, are looking for natural products that are effective in preventing brain aging! Astaxanthin or the combination of chlorella and astaxanthin (since he takes both) is a real solution to remember.


Anonymous, 1 September 2019
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