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Chlorella, What is it ?

Chlorella: Microalga, Health Food Supplement and Detoxifying Agent

Our detoxified body, enriched with precious nutrients, is able to better resist external aggressions. The fibers of Chlorella naturally capture heavy metals and chemical pollutants such as dioxins, PCBs … These fibers, not assimilated by the body, are naturally eliminated via the stools, thus facilitating the cleaning or detoxification.

Of course, there is no miracle food supplement… but if there was only one, it would be chlorella !

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Chlorella is considered as a food of national interest for health in Japan. It has been the best-known and most widely used dietary supplement in that country for more than 30 years.

In France, Chlorella has been recognized as a food by the French Agency for Food Safety (AFSSA) since 2004. It authorizes its marketing as a food supplement.

Chlorella Vulgaris Composition
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How can we explain Chlorella’s ability to make our body react ? Why and especially how is Chlorella so beneficial to us?

Action detoxifiante de la Chlorella

Its detoxifying / cleansing action on the body

Our cellular metabolism functions thanks to a complex enzymatic system. However, the pollutants that we absorb, such as heavy metals, dioxins and other poisons, come to durably disturb the enzymatic system by blocking its functioning. Chlorella by its detoxifying action will release the enzymes and give back to our metabolism its full capacities of functioning.

The growth factor: CGF for “Chlorella Groth Factor

The composition of chlorella is very rich in elements which are known as “growth factors” such as certain proteins, peptides, vitamins, fatty acids …. The “growth factors” are now recognized as being capable of revitalizing and stimulating cellular development and therefore physiological metabolism. Growth factors” are beginning to be studied in regenerative or reparative medicine, in particular to strengthen bones suffering from osteoporosis, to help the healing of wounds in diabetics…

The precious elements that enter into the composition of Chlorella, are for the most part, capable of stimulating cellular metabolism. Their association should explain their amplification by an effect of synergy.

Today we cannot explain everything about the effects of Chlorella on our organism and maybe we will never be able to understand everything! It seems however simpler to present what we know about its mode of action to justify its multiple effects on our organism.

The mode of action of organic chlorella is essentially at two levels. These will overlap and create an amplification effect that will result in the multiple effects that we know.

Thus it is the powerful synergy of the effects of its two modes of action, that of detoxification reinforced by that of stimulation, which would explain the essential of the beneficial effects of Chlorella. Our detoxified body, enriched with essential nutrients, will recover its full capacity of functioning and resistance to external aggressions (diseases, infections). The use of Chlorella or Chlorella as a preventive measure then takes on its full meaning!

To illustrate our point:

• Each of our organs are “engines” that drive our body.

• An engine works best when it is well maintained, i.e. cleaned, lubricated and well fed.

Only a clean, well-maintained and well-fed engine can perform at its best!

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