Astaxanthin: after 2 months

  • Astaxanthin T.

I read a fascinating article about the benefits of Astaxanthin in a magazine distributed by my organic retailer. As a recurrent fibromyalgia sufferer with natural anxiety and panic attacks, I saw in astaxanthin the possibility of reinforcing my immune defenses and probably remedying my discomfort.

I understood that the time and duration of intake were important to measure the effects. The most difficult thing was to find a laboratory in which I could trust. Intuitively I went to Echlorial.

8 gr per day, 2 capsules at noon for 5 days: 2 hours later I felt sick as if I had drunk 2 or 3 coffees… I thought that the dose was too strong. I took 2 days only one capsule. Less discomfort but I was not well. I almost stopped. Then I started to take the 2 capsules at breakfast. The discomfort disappeared, just a feeling of hypoglycemia at the end of the morning. But isn’t it just a little hypoglycemia? I have been taking 2 capsules for 2 months. I have just recommended them. I hesitate to complete with chorella. I think I’ll continue like this for several months; just to make a statement about astaxanthin.


Lamartine , 6 August 2020
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