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I’ve been taking chlorella echlorial continuously for more than 5 years now, and I’ve been taking astaxanthin for 6 months. I can say that I am addicted to this product because I don’t want to do without it as it does me so much good.

I discovered chlorella at a difficult time in my life. In 2014, I had brain surgery for a tumor that fortunately turned out to be benign. My doctor had recommended it to me, saying it would help strengthen my body and would make a good cleanse of the anesthesia products after surgery. Chlorella immediately gave me tone and a better morale which I really needed.

I am 55 years old and I like to move, I am rather sporty. Today I can say that chlorella and astaxanthin, taken in combination, give me “the zest”!
Since the beginning of the year I have been taking astaxanthin (3 capsules per day). It improves my endurance and gives me better recovery capacities. I also expect this product to protect my brain from aging. I find this product amazing!

Chlorella and astaxanthin are now part of my daily routine, these algae have their place in my diet. They are really great for the form and the morale, you have to test them to make an idea.


Nadine, 14 April 2020
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