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Hello, II will soon finish my detox with your chlorella. The results are incredible.
Indeed, I had made a urine analysis before treatment and I had a quite important lead excess: almost 3 times the maximum authorized dose (14,81 microgr/gr creatinine).

Today, my treatment is almost over and I just received the results of my last analysis: 0.4 :microgr/gr creatinine.
It’s incredible but it’s the reality. I thank you very much for the quality of your products.

I also feel much better and I have not had a single cold since the beginning of the treatment, which has never happened for many years.
After my treatment, I would like to continue taking chlorella and spirulina throughout the year in order to benefit from the detox effect and the many other advantages. I do a lot of sport and I am convinced of the benefits brought by all these nutrients.

I would also like to do a cure of astasanthine but I would like to know at what period it is better to do it, for how long and how many times a year?
Again, congratulations for your products.

Jc, 7 January 2020
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