Macrophage myofacitis

  • Hair and nails
  • Heavy metals
  • Joints

I have been a nurse for 46 years and suffer from muscle and joint pain, intense and frequent headaches, chronic fatigue syndrome, shortness of breath and major memory problems. I have been in medical wandering since 1987, despite numerous examinations and various treatments, anti inflammatory drugs, muscle relaxants, triptans, all not very effective and harmful (stomach ulcer).

At the beginning of 2018 the doctors certifying me that all my exams were normal, I searched for myself on the internet and found a hypothesis!
I then contacted the department of rare neuromuscular diseases at Henri Mondor hospital in Créteil, I was given a muscle biopsy of the deltoid and the diagnosis fell, my muscles contain aluminum hydroxide nanoparticles (the adjuvant found in the hepatitis B vaccines marketed since 1984). My symptoms started just after my 4 mandatory vaccinations to work as a nurse, done in 85 and 86. The aluminum is in all my body, my organs and my brain. This adjuvant is now found in all mandatory vaccines for infants.

This disease does not affect all vaccinated people, because it is due to a genetic predisposition (like many autoimmune diseases) and we are only 1000 in France! Now I finally know what I have, but there is no possible cure.

I am followed by a naturopath specialized in detox and she had advised me the Chlorella of Echlorial that I take since the beginning of 2018. This has helped me with my nails that looked like wavy sheetrock and were peeling off the flesh, my dry skin issues and psoriasis, with a little improvement in my aches and pains. She also makes me take organic MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane), Quinton serum, glutathione for my liver, high dose of Vit C and I drink water rich in silica (Volvic) on the advice of Professor Exley, a world specialist in aluminum. I am also followed by Professor Authier at the Henri Mondor Hospital but we are in fact used as guinea pigs because they don’t have enough experience with this disease. I had all my fillings removed by a hollistic dentist and I am looking for solutions to detoxify myself as much as possible!

If anyone has any tips, I’d love to hear from you :)

See E3M website for more info on this disease



Odile, 6 January 2020
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