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Hello, I’m here with humility and sorrow to talk about my dog Blue that I love with all my heart.Four months ago she started limping, I thought to myself, she is so dynamic and athletic doing good in our garden all the time, she must have been injured.

Two weeks passed, she rests little, and she raises her right front paw without ceasing, I start to worry, so I go to the vet again, he auscultates my dog, tells me that she does not suffer, that for him it is a luxation, or a shock, or an elbow.

So a little anti inflammatory treatment.

Two more weeks pass, my dog puts less and less her paw, return veto, diagnosis, elbow of the elbow, without suffering, he tells me she had to hit a tendon, or it is totally worn because of his activities and his fishing etc..

That often the pit bull breed is prone to this.

And I do not understand he does not offer me anything other than anti inflammatory.
I ask him if an operation would be planned, I push him a little, because he already sends me home, like it’s life, nothing serious, you keep me informed of the continuation we’ll see, continue the anti inflammatory.

2 weeks pass, nothing changes, except that I notice that the shoulder of my dog is swollen.
I go back to the vet, I tell him, ohhhhhh it turns to dysplasia by lifting his leg, we stop playing, I want a solution. (ah yes I did not tell you, I am black, and this happens in Greece where I live since 2008, so that your mind sees better)
The vet tells me something crazy, I’m not a specialist in dog paws, there is only one in our city … Go see him for me.
So I go to this vet, immediately radio, etc, announcement after 2 hours on the spot, your dog will not survive…he has a month max to live, advanced Osteosarcoma, I tell him what is it?

Bone cancer.

Look at the X-ray, the scapula is no longer there, the lungs, I see strange things, in my opinion, cancer has spread, he tells me, as if it were the announcement of my birthday, with a certain euphoria of the arrival of summer no doubt?
I ask him, is there a solution?

He says, we can send him to a center in Athens and they will operate.
I tell him, operation, so my dog has a chance, he answers me with his greatness of indifferent specialist, yes 12 months or 18.
Here I am, out of the 2 vetos, I don’t care to have paid them, I don’t care about anything, I want my dog to have only an Elbow, or she will die…I go to a third veto, I say to myself that they are sons of…I want another opinion. a woman veto quite reputable I go to her, she says to me no not the legs I know nothing.
I go to another vet, I find a family, father, mother, son 3 vetos.

And finally, I hear hearts beating, people who are saddened by what is happening … finally normal whites … ouuuuuffff I thought more.
Bio-psy diagnosis, very advanced osteosarcoma cancer, swollen shoulder, deformed bone like this, for them, the dog is not a month old, they tell me softly.
Well then, seeing all this I went home, that was 3 months ago.

And I went into Black paranoid mode.

I took out a product that I had bought 5 years ago, that saves from all cancers and incurable diseases, I made it by mixing it as it should be, and I saved my dog.
My dog runs, eats, hunts turtles on our property, and sleeps with all four irons in the air, and she is not dead, nor is she suffering. She lives on three legs…
I gave my dog what Trump talked about, which made people laugh.

Now, I’m rebuilding the immunity of my dog’s blood with Astragale and polysaccharides that work, spirulina and chorella to reinforce the vitamins.

I am Black and paranoid, so I have my secrets to not be killed by the white system, neither me nor my dogs, I hope that my testimony will be useful to others, Peace to all.


Furtif, 26 October 2019
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