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Heavy Metals: All Contaminated

The latest study by Santé Publique France (ESTEBAN study published in July 2021) only confirms what Chlorella consumers have known for a long time: we are all intoxicated with heavy metals…. Analyses of hair, urine and blood were carried out on approximately 3,600 people aged 6 to 74 (1)

Arsenic, cadmium, chromium, copper, nickel and mercury are present in our bodies, in varying amounts depending on our diet, our environment and our age, because they accumulate over time. Heavy metals are natural elements in our environment, but they are used too much in industry. They pollute our environment and have a negative impact on our health. It is very difficult for us to eliminate them naturally from our body. It tends to store them. If their level is too high in our body, they can generate many health problems that unfortunately many of our readers can testify.

Main sources of heavy metal poisoning

The main sources of heavy metal poisoning are clearly shown in the ESTEBAN study, the most important are


Food is an important source of heavy metal pollution.

Fish contain mercury, cadmium, chromium and dioxins. It is advisable to avoid large fish: the higher they are in the food chain, the higher the accumulation of heavy metals! In a rich and varied diet, it is recommended to eat fish at least twice a week, but it is preferable to avoid large carnivorous fish and it is good to vary their origins (fishing grounds).

The study also highlights an increase in our concentration of cadmium and copper through the consumption of cereals and vegetables from organic farming (bio). This is quite something!

It is good to review the recommendations of the national nutrition and health program (2).

Lead – dental amalgam / medical implants

Dental mercury is still today the first cause of mercury poisoning, a powerful toxic!

Many people contact us with questions about their dental amalgams. Commonly called fillings, amalgams contain mercury in 50% of their composition! While the use of “fillings” to treat cavities has been banned for pregnant and nursing women and children since July 1, 2018, it is widely practiced in France where it represents 70% of the dental filling market. Many of our European neighbors have already banned them for their entire population!

The WHO has been alerted by scientists who consider that beyond 8 amalgams in the mouth, there is a definite health risk.

It has been observed that medical implants generate excess chromium. See also: Vaccine and Heavy Metals: True or False.


A 50% higher rate of cadmium is noted in smokers as well as an important rate of copper! It is really time to stop smoking!

How to detoxify naturally ? How to eliminate heavy metals from your body?

The dangers of too much exposure to heavy metals are now well known. Their actions are implicated in many health problems (mycoses, cancer, Lyme, multiple sclerosis, hormonal disorders (thyroid), fibromyalgia, development of neurodegenerative diseases …)

It is important to limit as much as possible the accumulation of heavy metals in our body. This requires a more natural and healthy lifestyle (not smoking), regular physical activity, but also the consumption of healthy foods, known for their detoxifying properties such as foods rich in fiber and chlorophyll, for example microalgae such as chlorella and spirulina.

Chlorella is today the most effective natural way to detoxify the body by ridding it of the heavy metals it has accumulated over time. Chlorella contains elements that will mobilize and then dislodge the pollutants (heavy metals and chemicals) stored in our body. It also contains elements that will take care of transporting them towards the exit for their elimination. Once dislodged, the pollutants cling to the fibers of the chelating membrane of chlorella. As these fibers are not digested, they are eliminated via the stools and with them the pollutants they carry (see the article “Chlorella and detox: how does it work?“)

The detoxifying effects of chlorella and spirulina have been documented in numerous scientific studies carried out on animals, but also on humans and pregnant womensome of which are very recent.

Chlorella, associated with spirulina, eliminates heavy metals while bringing positive side effects such as the stimulation of our natural defenses. Be careful to choose a high quality chlorella that is not saturated with heavy metals. Chlorella grown in glass tubes is a guarantee of purity.

According to published studies, within a few months, a regular consumption of 3 to 20 g of chlorella and spirulina per day significantly reduces the levels of heavy metals in the blood and fat.

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