Eco box - Premium Organic Chlorella


3,5 months
3/4 lbs - 350g
  • Ultra pure Organic Chlorella grown in glass tubes
  • Premium Organic Chlorella grown in Europe
  • Naturally rich in vitamin B12 thanks to its 100% natural light exposition
  • Detoxifies the body from toxics such as heavy metals, lead, mercury, PCBs..
  • Stimulates intestinal activity (treats constipation problems)
  • Stimulates our immune system
  • SAVE UP to 43 € when ordering 6 boxes !
Quantity : 3/4 lbs - 350g (3,5 months)
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Gluten free
GMO free
Radiation free
Pesticides free
Grown in Europe
Grown under the sun


* The duration of the cure is based on a diet of 3g per day.

Depending on the needs, take 6 to 15 tablets per day. Take chlorella preferably before meals with a large glass of water. For a first use, start with 1 to 3 tablets the first day and increase gradually until the adequate dose.

This product is not a medicine and cannot replace a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.

Keep out of reach of young children.

** This information is based on the health claims authorized in accordance with the European legislation on food supplements (EC n° 1924/2006). EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) 1500, 1887, 1888, 2415, 2314


• Tablets (Small) 412 mg : Organic Chlorella vulgaris* 400mg, Silica < 3% (Allows tablet integrity)

• Tablets (Medium) 515 mg : Organic Chlorella vulgaris* 500mg, Silica < 3% (Allows tablet integrity)

*from organic farming

Average composition :

• 50% of proteins: The whole of the essential amino acids are present, they support the good performance of the cellular metabolism.

• 5% of vitamins and antioxidants: Contains the highest rate of Chlorophyll of the plant kingdom! (2 à 5 %). It contains carotenoids (β carotene, Lutein ..) and among the main vitamins: C, E, B6, B9 (folic acid), B12, K (coagulant).

• 10% lipids: Polyunsaturated fatty acids such as Linoleic, Palmitic, α-Linolenic acids (ALA of Ω 3), used as therapeutic agents.

• 15% fiber: A fibrous membrane that supports the regulation of transit. It is the vehicle for the elimination of heavy metals and makes chlorella a natural detoxifier!**

• 10% minerals and trace elements : Mineralizing agent! Presence of Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, Zinc ...

Chlorella may naturally contain traces of sulfite (between < 10mg/kg and 30mg/kg).

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I have been using Echlorial's Astaxanthin since the creation of this company for the quality of its products and the traceability. It brings me a global well being... the scientific review on your new product astaxanthin makes me want to try it! I look forward to sharing my experience with this product.
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An impeccable quality

eChlorial chlorella used by great star chefs

We are happy and grateful to work with some of the best restaurants in the world who choose eChlorial chlorella for its traceability and incomparable purity.

A completely controlled production

Grown in glass tubes, shielded from any pollution

The quality of our chlorella is unprecedented thanks to its cultivation method and to rigorous European standards. eChlorial's chlorella is grown within glass tubes, under natural light and protected from external pollution. The spring water used is regularly controlled to verify the absence of heavy metals and pesticides.