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Chlorellas comparison: Analysis

Our Organic Chlorella Chlorella grown in glass tubes reveals it to be one of the purest Chlorella on the market, both in terms of purity from heavy metals and guaranteed absence of blue-green algae contamination.

A comparative analysis of different Chlorella products on the market gives edifying results in terms of heavy metal content and undesirable contamination by various pollutants.

See results below:

Analyses de plusieurs chlorella concurrentes
Analyses of competing chlorella prove the purity of Chlorella Echlorial

eChlorial® Chlorella is produced in glass tubes. This closed, perfectly controlled method of cultivation avoids any contamination by blue-green algae, thus guaranteeing the absence of toxins.

The open-air systemsin pond cultivation in South-East Asia and the USA do not always exclude undesirable commensal flora, such as blue-green algae.

Many blue-green algae are known to produce toxins.

Regular consumption of products contaminated in this way can damage organs such as the liver.

Blue-green algae can be detected by microscopic inspection and/or by testing for toxins produced by these algae, such as microcystin.

Contamination de chlorella par des microcystines
Microcystin contamination of chlorella


This observation shows the contamination of the chlorella sample by blue-green algae (microcystins (highlighted by red arrows)). The sample observed is made up of “BIO-Chlorella” Chlorella tablets, produced in China and marketed throughout Europe, claiming to be 100% organically grown chlorella.

Microcystines dans des chlorella vue par spectro MALDI-TOF
Microcystins in chlorella as seen by MALDI-TOF spectroscopy

Some Chlorella reveal the presence of toxins such as microcystins, which are indicators of the presence of blue-green algae.

The detection limit is 0.4mg per kg of algal biomass.



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