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One month ago to the day I learned that my Bernese Mountain dog, Ines, had a tumor on her spleen… The operation went very well. Taking chlorella after her operation was sensational… Of the tonus of the appetite that of the happiness to see its bitch living again!

Our dog, a 30 kg Bernese Mountain Dog of 6 years old was operated of a tumor of the spleen just one month ago. The results of the biopsy finally showed that the tumor was malignant. We started chlorella as soon as she came home (2.5g then 5g per day then 7g for about 10 days). Today we continue with 2.5g per day.

In less than two weeks, she has gained 2 kg while she had lost a lot of weight. She is moving and having fun again like before. We found our dog as she was. We don’t want to put her through the anti-cancer treatments proposed by the vet because we know that it will be very hard on her. They will only be painful for her without guaranteeing her total recovery. We prefer that the rest of her life, even if it has to be shortened, be as sweet as possible. We are convinced that chlorella will continue to help her as it has already done.

We are really happy to have discovered chlorella that we did not know. We owe her a lot! … we even started to consume it ourselves.
Why don’t the veterinarians talk about it! Why isn’t it better known? It’s an incredible chance that we came across the Echlorial site in our research. The testimonies on the results obtained on dogs with spleen cancer were very interesting. They helped us a lot and above all they gave us hope. That is why I am writing today.

If some people wish to have my testimony I remain at your disposal.



Updated: 15/04/2020

I wanted to give you some news about Ines who is doing very well. She had a spleen tumor surgery almost 1 year ago. With the chlorella, her hair is beautiful.

An incredible form full of tonus full of appetite.
Without the chlorella my doll would not have been able to get out of it, it’s a magic product, great !!!
If you have any questions don’t hesitate to call me for my testimony.


Laura , 14 August 2019
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