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Electro-Hypersensitivity / Fibromyalgia… Chlorella the beginning of a small miracle !


I have been suffering for 20 years from strange pains such as contractures and blockages of the back, sciatica, tinnitus, chronic fatigue, insomnia, etc…

These problems appeared around 1997 – 1998 following several extractions and dental amalgams and crowns, but also following a massive vaccination (more than 13 injections of vaccines between 1995 and 1997, notably against Hepatitis B).

Over the years and suffering, I consulted dozens of specialists (rheumatologists, osteopaths, neurosurgeons, etc…) but nobody really found the causes of my pain… (except for a small herniated disc, quite common)

No treatment really had any effect, I was often told that it was psychosomatic problems or simply back problems… and to send me to rehab to do hundreds of hours of physical therapy, without much result.

Between 2009 and 2014, I managed to partially cope in an empirical way by practicing 30 minutes of stretching per day, and up to 10 hours of weight training / cardio per week (I lost 15 kg of fat and gained 8 kg of muscle)

It became livable, but the relief was only partial, with some pain returning regularly.

In 2015, following the integration of a very electromagnetically polluted professional environment (5 Wifi terminals next to me, 8 telephone antennas at 20 meters,…), my symptoms suddenly reappeared, with after a few months, complete blockage of the upper back, strong pain and almost no way to drive, nor to work…

In 2016, at the CHRU, a great professor pronounced for the first time the term Fibromyalgia….

… This was followed by 1 year of various treatments that I had never tried before: 4 antidepressant treatments, antiepileptics, various psychotropic drugs, Hypnosis, etc. etc… all this WITHOUT any result!

To each “Great” specialist or head of department of hospital (I made 3 hospitals!) … The same conclusion: “… Atypical Fibromyalgia, Sir”

… and the causes please? …. “…Idiopathic causes, Sir! “( cf: in the dictionary: a disease or symptom whose cause could not be attributed)

In the summer of 2017, my dentist, finally helped me understand that my symptoms were due to electrosensitivity! (I thought it was an urban legend! ). He also admitted to me, and I quote: “We (dentists) have made many mistakes”.

There, everything became clear!… I had just understood why my sciatica and back pain appeared in certain environments: supermarkets, near Wifi terminals, etc…

In his impetus, my dentist undertook to extract, in a few days, the last 4 dental amalgams which remained in my mouth (I had had 8 or 9 in all in my life, and for some for 30 years)

…And there, it was the catastrophe, my symptoms literally exposed:

– My tinnitus, which for 20 years had been a simple one-sided whistling sound, became a real plane taking off on both sides,

– Very violent headaches, after 15 minutes of computer or phone use, Ditto in wifi environment,

– Violent discharges in my left leg, of crural type, during the starting of certain electric apparatus (hair drier, kettle…)

– Nausea, dizziness, mental confusion, etc… etc…

– Impossible to enter a supermarket, nor to drive more than 20 minutes

The only solution to alleviate a little my evils: to go to wander whole days in the forest, in the cold, far from the antennas relay and other wifi.

For me, and in spite of my foggy mind, it had become certain that I was reacting to the mercury that had been released and that I had inhaled during the grinding of my dental amalgams.

It is now obvious that my Electro-Hypersensitivity and Fibromyalgia were a reaction to the mercury ions that had accumulated in my body tissues over the years, a slow poisoning!

During the 2 months following the removal of the amalgams I remained in this state, without any notable improvement….

Until I discovered Dr. Klinghardt’s detoxification protocol and the Chlorella Echlorial.

And that was the beginning of a small miracle!

2 days after I started taking the Chlorella, I felt a tiny change… hope, finally!

I took Echlorial powder massively: 4 to 5 times a day… about 12 to 15 grams a day.

Each day, I felt a slight improvement: my tinnitus which prevented me from sleeping, became more bearable, the violent discharges disappeared…

To specify that I also undertook, 2 weeks after the Chlorella, the massive intake of Glutathione, and of fermented papaya and Sodium R-Lipoate (antioxidants)

and to protect myself as much as possible: Sleep in a Faraday cage, without forgetting to spend a maximum of time in the forest,

As I write these lines, I am exactly 4 weeks into taking Chorella, and I am finishing my first 350 gr. box of powder…

But the results are there : in 1 month of Chlorella, my sufferings have decreased by 30 to 40 % (whereas during the first 2 months of Chlorella, I had a lot of pain).

(whereas during the first 2 months since the amalgam extraction, I didn’t see much improvement)

Twice I tried to go to phase 2 of the treatment, and took Bear’s garlic, but there … my symptoms worsened … I had to go back, it was too early apparently. I still have hope, but I know that it will be long.

With this testimony, I really wanted to thank Muriel Cathaud, manager of Echlorial, for her kindness, her welcome, her advice, and especially for producing this miraculous Chlorella!

Richard, 3 January 2018
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Clear improvement of my health after taking Chlorella

I tried Chlorella for the first time 3 months ago as I was looking for a solution to stop my endless painful symptoms due to fibromyalgia. After one month of treatment only I noticed a clear improvement. My sufferings were almost imperceptible and it did not take me half an hour to get out of my bed every morning anymore!

Another noticeable change which I did not expect at all was the partial decrease of my hyperhydrosis symptoms (which I experience since I am a child), meaning that I had days where I did not sweat at all neither from my hands nor from my feet. A very high temperature can still trigger this problem but only temporarily. Only people who have these symptoms can understand how much my life has improved since then!

When I stopped taking Chlorella after a two months cure, the symptoms came back, alas… This is why I decided to make another cure of Chlorella, longer this time. At the same time I also took two Omega 3 pills per day. I feel much better now.

I highly recommend all the people suffering from fibromyalgia symptoms to try out Chlorella as allopathic medicine did not find a solution to this problem yet.


Anonymous, 30 July 2015
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I can do my groceries again!

I can do my groceries again!

After a 3 months cure of Chlorella at very high doses (10 pills, three times a day), I finally can go back to the market and do my grocery shopping! I lost my strength year after year since I suffer from fibromyalgia.

I am 74 years old and Chlorella gave me back the feeling that this was not the end. I am not going to stop taking Chlorella as it also is free of side effects, which is not the case for a number of medical treatments.


Anonymous, 30 July 2015
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