I work in the petrochemical industry in Canada and am very exposed to heavy metal pollution. I bought chlorella in France for the first time exactly one year ago. I had never heard of it but I am very interested in nutrition and I subscribed to newsletters. One day I receive one that talks about Chlorella. And I try it. I’ve been taking chlorella for 11 months now. I started slowly. The first week, I had a headache and dizziness but I knew that it was probably just a short bad moment to pass. I gradually increased the dose from 1 gram to probably 6 grams a day. I don’t really count. I take a big handful. Every day.

It is an absolute miracle product. Never constipated again. Always a flat stomach (I always had a bloated and distended stomach before) and no matter what I did (gym, trying to control what I ate) I didn’t lose weight. My weight stayed the same. No matter what I did. Like my metabolism was slowed down.

I just turned 35. I have lost 18kgs since I started taking chlorella (11 months ago). I am the same weight I was at 23 and I feel like I am 23 again. I don’t have pain anywhere. And I have a lot of energy again, as if I had really become 12 years younger. At work, people notice how I change from week to week. And many people think I’m 26-28 instead of 35. It’s really nice when the compliment comes from people who are 26 to 28 years old.

I did a lot of research to find chlorella that didn’t come from China. Because even if I had to take food supplements to clean up my body, I wanted to be sure that I was absorbing something of quality. I came across this website. Echlorial.

I bought the family box (1kg). It won’t last me 10 months because I take about 6 grams a day and asked my boyfriend to take some too. He almost gave up the first week because it made him feel bad (like me) but I begged him not to give up before feeling the benefits…

Personally, I’m sure I lost all that weight (18kgs) thanks to Chorella because really apart from having a job where I’m very active physically since March, taking chorella is the only difference in my lifestyle.

I just wanted to share my experience because so many people just don’t know what to do to speed up their metabolism. Chlorella has been the answer for me and I’m going to recommend it before I run out. By the time it gets to Canada, I need to get a head start ;)

In Canada, the only one I can find comes from Asia…

That’s my experience with this magic seaweed. Not ready to stop taking it!