Chlorella and candida albicans

  • Candida Albicans

Chlorella allowed me to manage my allergy to Candida albicans that I suffered from for several years.

I have been suffering for years from an allergy to Candida albicans. I noticed a drastic positive change regarding my mucous membranes since I am taking Chlorella. I have tried Chlorella and rapidly noticed significant changes in my health’s quality.

After a first cure of 3 months my sore drastically diminished. I could wear again pants that I did not dare wearing anymore because of the pain that was resulting from the frictions.

I am taking Chlorella all year long, 3 grams per day. I feel much better and consider that my problem is now under control, which is a priceless benefit in my life.


Anonymous, 30 July 2015
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