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Chlorella, Spirulina : powder or tablets ?

Chlorella or Spirulina tablets

Tablets of organic chlorella tablets cannot be produced without at least one binding agent unlike spirulina!

Our conventionally grown chlorella tablets of 0.3 g (small tablets): are produced from 99.5% pure dried chlorella powder, the highest possible content and rare to find on the market (when the content is indicated!). Very often the fillers, although in very small quantities, are not indicated in the composition of the tablets of other less transparent brands.

The organic chlorella tablets of 0,5 g (medium-sized tablets) are composed of 0.5 g of pure dried organic chlorella + organic acacia fibers (0.04 g)

The tablets of organic spirulina of 0.4 g are composed of 100% organic spirulina.

Which are the Advantages of the Tablets?

Tablets are generally preferred for convenience. They are easy to take and count so they simplify the dosage.

How many Chlorella or Spirulina tablets per day?

In general, professionals recommend a daily intake of 3g. If the tablet is 0.4g (400mg) or 0.5g (500mg), you should therefore count between 6 and 8 tablets per day. This dosage is an indication and it is always advisable to adapt it according to your reactions and needs. It is advised to start a cure with 1 or 2 tablets / day then to increase gradually.

Chlorella or Spirulina powder

The powder is pure dried chlorella or spirulina in which very little water remains (<5%).

The powders are extremely fine (cells of about 5 microns).

Chlorella and spirulina powders do not disperse very easily in water, which is why they must be mixed with thicker foods such as sauces, smoothies, soups, vegetables, yogurt, jams, etc. …. Often the powders are used to include them in dishes in the kitchen, especially at the end of cooking fish. The use of chlorella powder allows to take advantage of all the nutritional qualities of fish without taking the risk of absorbing methylmercides or dioxins that they inevitably contain.

In order to preserve the vitamins of chlorella and spirulina, it is advised not to heat them at a temperature higher than 60°C.

Many consumers of powder are used to take it, just at the beginning of breakfast, mixed in their yogurt.

We recommend making a small preparation in a fruit juice (or simply water) using an ex-jam jar as a shaker, it’s very simple! How to use chlorella or spirulina powder?

What are the advantages of the powder?

For a greater efficiency and speed in the effects, the powder is to be preferred. It has the advantage of being 100% pure and of being dispersed more quickly in the digestive system. It is also more indicated for very old people or young children.

Disadvantages of the Powder

Some people are more or less sensitive to the taste or don’t like to prepare it as smoothie, so they prefer to take tablets.

Dosage of the Powder

One teaspoon of powder weighs about 3 g and corresponds to the average recommended daily dose.

The powder is also used as a mixture in the animals’ food (for furry animals: 1 to 3% by weight of their daily food ration).

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