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Chlorella and spirulina powders: how to consume them?

Jus de fruit presses a la chlorella
Chlorella Smoothie

Among the consumers of chlorella and spirulina, some are unconditional fans of the powder! Compared to tablets, the powder requires a small preparation to be easily consumed but if you don’t mind, it is to be preferred.

The advantages of the powder

• It is 100% pure chlorella powder or spirulina powder

• The micro-algae powder is extremely fine. It is instantly put in contact with your mucous membranes. It will disperse very quickly in your body, so some people report that it is more effective than tablets.

Preparation of a smoothie

The powder is consumed daily, dispersed in a large glass of fruit juice (fresh if possible), on an empty stomach. For optimal effectiveness, it is good to wait about thirty minutes before having your breakfast or meal. Dispersion is very easy if it is done in a shaker. If you do not have a shaker, an old glass jam jar will do the trick.

In the morning with a good fruit juice, preferably squeezed to preserve the maximum vitamins and nutrients!

Mesures poudre chlorella spiruline
Measurements of chlorella or spirulina powder (teaspoon)

• 1 glass of water or freshly squeezed fruit juice (*)

1 teaspoon (dessert spoon) of chlorella or spirulina powder (See attached image to measure according to your consumption / needs)

1 shaker or an empty jam jar

The steps

1) Pour the pressed fruit juice into the shaker or jar, then the powder

2) Close the jar and shake vigorously for 10 seconds

3) Once the powder is well dispersed, you can enjoy your smoothie!

Note: Most powder consumers use apple or citrus juice to mix the chlorella or spirulina powder.

If possible, wait about 30 minutes before having breakfast. As a precaution, if you are taking medication, respect an interval of about one hour. Indeed, the chlorella is strongly chelating and could annihilate the effects of your medicines taken at the same time.

Photo : dimensions of the coffee spoon : 45 x 30 x 8 mm

(*) TIP: if you have trouble with the taste of the powder or if you don’t take fruit juice, here is an interesting tip to know to make its absorption easier.

Replace the water or fruit juice with a little ginger decoction.

Prepare the ginger decoction: boil for a few minutes 1 liter of water + 1 organic ginger root peeled and cut into pieces. Let it cool and place in a bottle in a cool place. It will keep for several days. You can adjust the quantity of ginger according to your taste. If the preparation is too strong, cut it with water.

You can add to your decoction, lemon juice, a little honey or a little tea or coffee.

Preparation poudre chlorella spiruline smoothie
Preparation of chlorella or spirulina smoothie

In the kitchen!

The nutritional and creative potential of chlorella and spirulina in the kitchen is undeniable! Chlorella and spirulina are part of the “plankton”. Their very original green coloring and their subtle tastes are very popular, especially with the great chefs. They mix very well with soups, smoothies, yoghurts and go perfectly with all seafood, fish, oysters, etc.

Tip: if possible, add the powder to the dishes at the end of cooking (if there is any cooking) so as not to heat it and keep its precious components fragile to heat.

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