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Cod with Lemon-Chlorella Cream


– 2 pieces cod (fillet or slice)
– 1 glass milk (cow’s milk or soy milk)
– 1 teaspoon cornflour (e.g. Maïzena)
– 1 lemon, salt, pepper
– 1 teaspoon Chlorella powder


– Cook the fish for 2 minutes in the microwave or 4 minutes in the steamer.
Prepare the lemon-chlorella cream:
– Bring the milk to the boil and stir in the cornflower, previously diluted in a little milk, before adding more stock, stirring constantly – it’s cooked!
– Remove from the heat, season with salt and pepper, add the Chlorella and half a lemon, and stir vigorously,
– Adjust the seasoning to taste,
– Serve on the fish, garnished with the remaining lemon.


– Serves 2
– A light, tasty recipe!


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