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Taking chlorella causes black stools, which means that the heavy metals are eliminated.
Will the stools return to a “normal” color when all the metals are eliminated?

Thank you


The color of the stools is characteristic of the intake of Chlorella. It varies from very dark to very light. It is probable that the dark color is the result of a cleaning of the intestine, of heavy metals but not only because the number of pollutants is great!

From experience, I admit that the color has tended to lighten with time so it must be the sign of an effective cleaning.


Thank you Marie!
I have been taking it for 2 months and 1 week.
The effect on digestion and regularity of transit is remarkable!


I would find it very difficult to do without Chlorella because since I have been taking it (5 months), my bowel movements are working very well. It’s strange to say that I feel clean from the inside :)

My friend who started only 3 months ago feels the same benefit on the intestinal side and she doesn’t have bloating like before. She tells me she has a flat stomach now. She hasn’t had a herpes outbreak since she started the chlorella and hopes that it will last as the other testimonials say.

I think we are in for a long term consumption!


Indeed, this algae becomes quickly indispensable! It is like a drug!

I talk about it to many people around me.


Thanks Zoé

Yes, its only advertising is word of mouth!

In general, new consumers very quickly bring all their entourage to Chlorella because they are the ones who speak best about it.

Once you have tasted the comfort provided by taking Chlorella regularly, starting with intestinal comfort (and oh how important it is to have an intestine that functions well and regularly !) you can’t do without it.

Not to mention that a good prevention with Chlorella allows to avoid taking a good number of drugs.


I regularly consume chlorella, and I am very happy to have found a brand that markets a chlorella grown in Europe!

I would like to contact you because I would like to know if chlorella can act on heavy metals located in the body, but outside the intestines and more globally outside the digestive tract? I ask this question because I read on your site that the chelation properties of heavy metals were due to the membrane of chlorella. However, if I understood correctly, this membrane cannot be assimilated by the organism, which makes me think that it is not absorbed by the intestine, and therefore that it remains in the intestines until it is evacuated by the stools, and that consequently the membrane can only act on the heavy metals located in the digestive tract and can do nothing on the heavy metals which are in the rest of the body.

Could you please tell me more?


The intestines are very important to the body. It is the seat of all the exchanges directed either towards the internal circulation or towards the exit via the stools.
Its balance and its good functioning are essential for our health.

Chlorella releases all its nutrients when it opens under the effect of the acidity of our body. Among these are small molecules, notably glycoproteins that have been identified as participating in the cleansing of the organism, as well as other components that are in high proportion in chlorella, such as antioxidants, vitamins and carotenoids, but also pigments such as chlorophyll, whose cleansing capacities are well known. All these nutrients are found in the central circulation and some in the cells.
It is certain that the effectiveness of chlorella is linked to the nature of its components but also to the synergy of their effects.

It seems to me incomplete to limit the explanation of the detoxifying effects of chlorella to the simple action of its chelating membrane, even if in the end it is this membrane that will capture and evacuate the pollutants from the intestine through which everything transits (and yes, it is not by chance that we speak of intestinal transit).

I hope I have answered your question


“Chlorella is an essential part of the detoxification program since approximately 90% of the mercury in our body is excreted in feces”.

“To increase the mercury level in sell es, certain principles must be applied. First, it is safest to begin detoxification by unloading connective tissue with Chlorella.
Large doses of Chlorella will cleanse the colon frequently contaminated with mercury.”

Source: CINAK “Protocol for the elimination of neurotoxins”

And the remaining 10%, how do they evacuate?


Zoé, 15 May 2013
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