• Chlorella

Diet support, risk of deficiencies

Weight loss: support for slimming diets

Chlorella is a cocktail of valuable health-promoting elements that can help overcome the main deficiencies that can result from an unbalanced diet or simply a poor diet.

Its composition makes it a food with excellent nutritional qualities. It contains around 50% protein and is rich in polyunsaturated fats, mineral salts, fiber, vitamins and chlorophyll. Organic Chlorella in the morning will prevent you from snacking before lunch, so you won’t feel hungry at 11 a.m.! Taking Chlorella before each meal will significantly reduce appetite.

In 2007, Albertsson et al. demonstrated the beneficial effect of foods rich in chloroplasts on satiety. Thanks to its fibrous membrane, Chlorella appears to be an excellent support for slimming diets. *

Prevent deficiencies

Vitamin B12

If grown in glass tubes, Chlorella is rich in vitamin B12.

The recommended daily dose (3 g) covers 100% of daily B12 requirements. Chlorella compensates for deficiencies, particularly in vitamin B12, to which all those who eat little or no meat (vegetarian or vegan) are exposed.

Thanks to its high protein and vitamin B12 content, Chlorella is an essential dietary supplement for vegetarians and vegans.


Chlorella helps alleviate iron deficiency situations, to which a large proportion of women are exposed as a result of their menstruation. See also Chlorella and pregnant women.

Iron is present in between 40 and 70 mg / 100g of dry Chlorella. A daily intake of 3 g of chlorella provides between 1 and 2 mg of iron per day, i.e. around 35% of the recommended daily intake.

For people with high levels of iron deficiency, this intake may not be sufficient. We recommend that you discuss this with your doctor.

Vitamins, fiber, Omega 3

Chlorella contains all the amino acids, including the 8 essential ones. “Essential” means that they are not synthesized by the body and therefore need to be supplied externally.

– Proteins make up around 50% of its dry mass
– Around 10% are bioavailable minerals (Se, Mg, Ca, K, Fe…)
– Around 10% unsaturated fatty acids (alpha linolenic acid (omega 3), linoleic acid (omega 6)
– Vitamins: B2, B6, B9 (folic acid), B12, C, K1, E, beta carotene
– Around 30% fiber

Chlorella is a cocktail of precious elements that can help avoid the main deficiencies that can result from an unbalanced diet.


Studies have shown that tea and coffee interfere with iron assimilation.

Spirulina contains a pseudo-vitamin B12 that is unfortunately not bioavailable to humans.

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* Référence citée :
Albertsson PA et al. «chloroplast membranes retard fat digestion and induce satiety: effect of biological membranes on pancreatic lipase/co-lipase» Biochem J., 2007, 401(3): pp 727-33

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