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Muriel Cathaud, Doctor of Science

About the author…

– Muriel Cathaud, Doctor of Science in Physics and Chemistry (1,1a)
– University Professor at INSA (2)

Muriel Cathaud, Doctor of Science – Chlorella specialist

With a PhD in Physics and Chemistry from Lyon’s Claude Bernard University, Doctor Muriel Cathaud worked in medical research for many years (3). In 2002, she became an innovation consultant in the healthcare field, then a research professor.

At the same time, and for many years now, she has been in contact with Professor Karl Steinberg, a long-standing friend who she met while working on her thesis. It was Professor Steinberg, a renowned scientist, who convinced her of the virtues of the Chlorella microalga.

Trained as a scientist, Muriel carried out extensive research and tested the effects of Chlorella on herself and those around her. In 2002, she began spreading the word about chlorella in France (4). At that time, this natural food supplement was almost totally unknown in Europe. Even today, its qualities are known only to a small circle of initiates.

Muriel Cathaud is now recognized as France’s leading organic Chlorella specialist. In her book, she has brought together the knowledge gained from almost 20 years of scientific monitoring, meetings with numerous specialists and countless exchanges with chlorella consumers (5,6,7,8,9).


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