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I have just finished your book and as promised I am coming back to you. I really appreciated this book, very complete and precise. I think that chlorella and spirulina have an important action on health and longevity.

Like a good quality candle that lights up to the end. This is not often the case with humans in the aging phase (my wife is a nurse in an Ehpad!!!) In the latest medical information, two orientations, the great replacement: organs, joints etc. and a regeneration medicine. This last one is unfortunately a minority!

In my research work on motor skills in the ageing phase, I notice that many high level sportsmen have big physical problems after 35 years old! During the training courses that I lead, it is complicated to make people understand that martial arts practice must be holistic and not simply a fighting method.

So I test chlorella and to a lesser extent spirulina. The first findings suggest that the latter are a precious help on the linking elements in the practice of the H.Hida method and the enteric nervous system.

I will come back to you at the end of the medical and sports tests. I have two dogs, 11 and 14 years old, after taking chlorella and spirulina in the morning, a clear transformation of their general condition, motor skills, vigor and general activity.

Jean Claude, 2 March 2022
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