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Meeting with Lieke Kay, nutritionist and naturopath in Cannes

Programme détox [Photo credit: La Verrière]
Detox program [Photo credit: La Verrière]

Tell us about yourself! What do you do and what is your background?

I studied in the United States and have a degree in nutritional science and preventive medicine. I have lived in many countries where I have practiced my profession, enriching myself over the years with a wide range of experience in preventive health and wellness research.

You have been using Chlorella eChlorial for many years and you recommend it a lot. How did you hear about it?

I can say that I credit eChlorial Organic Chlorella for my good shape and my excellent energy level for many years. Believe me, these little green micro algae pellets have an extraordinary power!

I have been consuming chlorella since I met Muriel about 15 years ago and I regularly recommend it. All the people to whom I recommend taking chlorella are very satisfied and most of them don’t want to do without it anymore!

You have been using eChlorial Chlorella for many years and you recommend it a lot. How did you hear about it?

I recommend Chlorella as a maintenance treatment for health prevention but also to restore energy and well-being, to detoxify the body of heavy metals, to cleanse the liver, or even in preparation for dental procedures.

La Verrière, Centre de remise en forme à Cannes
La Verrière, fitness center in Cannes

– You have created a fitness center / retreat in Cannes in a beautiful location. What is your approach to soothe the body & mind of the people who come to see you?

I have been able to test many different food supplements throughout my career as a health professional and I must say that if I had to choose only one, it would be chlorella!

At La Verrière, the fitness center I created, a “haven of peace”, I offer programs for people suffering from “burnout” but also ” detox ” programs adapted to each person’s needs. Health and well-being are the result of a balance between body and mind. My method consists of a global approach of the person. Above all, it is essential to take into consideration the powers of the mind over the body. At La Verrière, we regularly organize sessions aimed at creating an awareness of the power of each person over their own body. Science now teaches us that a state of inner peace promotes the optimal functioning of our organs. A better circulation of fluids will allow an optimal assimilation of nutrients and the elimination of toxins.

Furthermore, I place great importance on working with the intestine, our second brain! Its balance is essential because it is the guarantor of a good communication with the “upper” brain. It plays a major role in our well-being. Chlorella helps to rebalance and maintain a good balance of the intestine. I also propose an approach to care through light and electromagnetism with Theragem.

La Verrière: mindfulness , retraites post-burnout, programmes detox...
La Verrière: mindfulness, retreats, detox programs… [Photo credit: La Verrière]

What are the recurring symptoms of people who come to La Verrière?

I accompany very different people whose needs vary from health prevention to the search for wellness or to the accompaniment in the disease such as cancer. The precious chlorella is the major food supplement in my recommendations.

I now propose a combination of the benefits of chlorella and Spirulina for a more complete nutritional supplementation, these two micro-foods being very complementary. Taken in combination, they are perfect for a daily supplementation in health prevention or for a tonus research.

We all have the same basic needs but each person is unique! This is how I would accompany you.

What is your favorite quote?

“I’ll meet you right where you are.”

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