Morale and psoriasis

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Since my daughter moved to France for her studies, she has not been able to get rid of her psoriasis. No doubt because of the lack of sunshine that we have in abundance on our island, impossible to make them disappear, tests of several creams, lotions, nothing made it.

In January 2019 the morale is at its lowest, his body is covered with it and part of his face.

I searched on the internet, wishing to switch to more natural products. Tired of these creams based on corticosteroids.

I finally found your site and read the testimonials before ordering.

She has been taking 15 tablets/day of chlorella for 3 weeks. She only has 2 patches of pso left to get rid of, I’m bluffed and I’m going to recommend her some to maintain the treatment in a lower dose.

His morale has also increased.


Stephanie, 16 February 2019
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