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Where to buy Vegan Omega 3 and how to choose them?

What are Omega 3’s ?

Today 99% of the omega 3 available in stores or on the internet come from fish or krill oil… Omega 3, including DHA and EPA, are fatty acids that are excellent for our health, we need them in our diet to survive and be healthy!

Vegetarian Omega 3s come from a vegetable source: those available on the market generally come from seeds (chia seeds, for example) or from an alga, schyzochitrium. This algae is cultivated in a controlled environment, then its oil (including the precious Omega 3) is extracted to be incorporated in supplements, most often capsules. Attention, to be vegan these capsules must be without animal gelatin.

What are the best Omega 3 and how to choose?

The best Omega 3s are the vegan Omega 3s because their production is healthier and more respectful of the environment, but also more “logical” because they are taken directly from the source of Omega 3s, which comes from plankton (microalgae). If fish and krill contain these famous omega 3s, it is because they have fed on omega 3-rich plankton themselves! Producing and consuming algae-based omegas therefore means saving the animal intermediary and reducing our impact on our oceans due to intensive fishing, while consuming a product of better quality because it is cultivated in a controlled manner throughout its manufacturing process!

Choose a brand that is transparent about the quality of its products: the complete composition (without beef or fish gelatin), the origin, the price and the DHA and EPA content.

The eChlorial brand, from French experts in quality micro-algae, offers Vegan Omega 3 rich in DHA and EPA and made in Europe!

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What are the benefits of Omega 3?

The proven benefits of omega 3 are numerous. Here are their main benefits * :

– Stimulates the immune system

– Help in inflammatory and rheumatic diseases

– Contributes to the health of the heart

– Reduces lipid and cholesterol levels

– Stimulates the brain by supporting cognitive function (brain function)

– May help maintain mental function during pregnancy and lactation

– Helps maintain visual faculties

– Helps maintain supple and flexible joints


* This information is based on health claims authorised under the European legislation on food supplements (EC No 1924/2006). EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) 3658, 4688, 688, 4689, 532, 521, 529, 511

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