Only 10 days for me to feel better!

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Thanks to Chlorella, it took ONLY 10 DAYS for me to feel better ! and since then, no new crisis of mycosis linked to Candida albicans

Nobody had ever told me about this “chlorella”, but thanks to this fabulous tool that is the internet, it is through this medium that I discovered it.

For about twenty years now, I had been suffering from vaginal mycoses due to a well hung candida albicans (its presence in our organism is normal, but it is its proliferation which is not) nothing did it. Yes, the classic treatments solve the problem… temporarily, that is to say for my case, until the following month! I had “calmer” years, by doing treatments with essential oils (less devastating than the classic ovules), but in the end it always came back.

In April (2011) I have another crisis, this one even more severe than anything I had experienced before. Again: ova with essential oils, normally after 3 days I already felt an improvement, but there the days passed: zero well-being, it lasted all summer, with about 10 days of respite between April and August. As you can see, I was at the end of my tether. At the same time, I did a cure of EPP (grapefruit seed extract) coupled with an anti-candida albicans “diet”, a cure of zinc, various herbs to drain my body, balance: still not cured! Completely blasé.

I spent hours on the internet reading testimonials, which one day brought me here. But I must admit that at the time, I thought in my heart “another thing that will not solve my problem”. Moreover, having already spent a lot of money for nothing … I told myself that I would wait until I had finished my other cures … ahhhh if I had known! At the end of August I decided to buy a box for 3 months of treatment, after a call to the customer service which reassured me a lot (thank you for the quality of your listening and for your advice). I received my box 2 days later.

The next morning I take 15 tablets on an empty stomach, and I continue like that the following days … 10 DAYS!!! It only took 10 DAYS for me to feel better! I didn’t believe it so much that I didn’t dare to say it out loud, for fear that “it would come back”. But it didn’t! The days went by, one after the other, no new crisis.

One thing is for sure: chlorella and I are not going to part any time soon. Thank you for everything, thank you for marketing this product: it has changed my life as a woman. I recommend it to all those who know the pain of recurrent vaginal mycosis, and I hope that the effects will be as quick as in my case.

Alice, 18 March 2015
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