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Organic and Quality Certifications

Quality certifications of Chlorella and Spirulina eChlorial

eChlorial chlorella is a very pure chlorella thanks to its unique production method in glass tubes by our rigorously selected European partner algae farms. The cultivation of eChlorial organic chlorella is permanently controlled and certified.

It is cultivated away from any external pollution (dust, gas, smoke brought by the wind …, waste and residues brought by birds, insects …, environmental pollutants.

Production quality certifications

Qualification of the entire microalgae production chain

Complete production process of microalgae including cultivation, production of tablets, packaging, logistics…

• ISO 22000:2005 (food safety management system)

•  ISO 9001:2008 (quality management system)

• Certification HACCP-Codex Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point System and guidelines for its application, Rev. 4 (2003)

• Certification GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice)

The microbiological controls of the batches of Chlorella and Organic Spirulina eChlorial are available on request to professional distributors.

eChlorial Organic Certification

• eChlorial Organic Certification

Note from the eChlorial team
We would like to stress that the people interviewed or who testify on our blog do so in all sincerity without any conflict of interest.


  • The 10 December 2022 by Kristie

    Hi there, could you tell me more about the testing method and frequency of your products? I am particularly interested in the testing for heavy metals in chlorella, as well as what the certification requirements are generally for microbial and chemical contamination please?


  • The 2 January 2023 by admin_echlorial

    Hello, each batch is tested for microbial and heavy metals. For detailed information don’t hesitate to send us an email through our contact form. Thank you !


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