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Meeting with Pierre Desbas, Chinese Medicine Practitioner

Pierre Desbas, Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner for over 18 years, Qi Gong teacher.

How did you become a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine?

Pierre Desbas, Practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine

I’m of Eurasian origin, born in Cambodia 73 years ago. At the age of 10, while living in Africa with my parents, I was given a mission by the Chinese doctor who was treating my mother. He asked me to practice Tuina (Chinese massage). My mother was suffering from severe recurrent migraines. This episode was an eye-opener for me. Looking back, I think that my desire to take care of other people’s health was born at that moment…

My life’s journey is made up of very different episodes, but they all have one thing in common: my need to pass on and support others. Surprising as it may seem today, I began my career as a computer scientist. Passionate about aeronautics and the sea, I wander between Heaven and Earth. Having practised and taught martial arts and combat sports (Judo, Karate, American Boxing) for a long time, it was only natural, as I got older, that the option of an internal martial art came to me: Qi Gong.

For over eighteen years now, I’ve been practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine and teaching the art of Qi Gong. I trained in Quimétao, mainly with Maître Jian and others. I studied Qi Gong for two years, then Traditional Chinese Medicine for three years in Paris. I continued my training in Lille and Amiens, where I also studied reflexology, and then at the Ecole des Plantes in Bailleul. Traditional Chinese Medicine is well known in the West, where knowledge of it is often limited to the practice of acupuncture. In reality, TCM is based on several disciplines(Pharmacopoeia, Tuina, Qi Gong, Psychology, Acupuncture, Cupping). It is associated with the stimulation or liberation of the body’s energies through the practice of these disciplines…

Chinese pharmacopoeia is made up of natural products of plant, animal and mineral origin. I use and teach Chinese massage called Tuina, and acupressure applied to the meridians. The aim of this massage is to stimulate the organs.

Qi Gong is an internal martial art, which harnesses energy (Qi) through the regulation of posture, breathing and visualization, with the aim of balancing Yin and Yang. In my treatment practice, I try to convey to everyone the importance of seeking self-balance, the need to recover one’s energies. Illness is the result of an imbalance, and therapies aim to eliminate it. I accompany groups of people suffering from cancer. I understand them in particular, because I myself have been affected by cancer, prostate cancer. I want to convince them that care also means accepting the disease, so as to better defend oneself against it. The very name of the disease is frightening. But you have to start by accepting it. I have to find the right words to treat their ailments. It’s essential to avoid wasting energy, because every rejection is a struggle that consumes energy.

I make people aware that in every human being lies their own Physician!

How did you discover the virtues of microalgae?

Pierre Desbas

I’ve known about micro-algae for a very long time, as they’re part of the Chinese pharmacopoeia. I’ve been using eChlorial products (chlorella, spirulina, astaxanthin and omega 3) to keep me in shape.

These algae are part of the Chinese pharmacopoeia and I recommend them very frequently in my care practice. I recommend cleansing the body with organic chlorellaespecially from eChlorial, as it is very pure thanks to its cultivation method in glass tubes. I recommend taking the tablets or, if possible, the powder, which can be easily dispersed in a liquid using a small shaker (glass mustard or jam jar).

In order to avoid intestinal discomfort, I indicate the dosage procedure to follow. In general, everything goes smoothly, and I’ve had excellent feedback. The organic spirulina is particularly recommended for athletes. I recommendastaxanthin to boost energy and omega 3 to protect the heart.

What advice would you give our readers who want to take charge of their health?

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, patients paid to stay healthy, not when they were ill. That’s why Chinese medicine is first and foremost a preventive approach, readily favoring natural supplements to maintain balanced health. My approach to preventive health care has proved highly effective and long-lasting. I advise my patients to adopt a healthy lifestyle, by eating a healthy diet with food supplements if necessary, and I encourage them to be physically active: “Movement is Life”!

I guide them towards the right balance between Yin and Yang, the two forces that animate the breath of Life, the QI…

Do you have a favorite expression?

My favorite word is: Balance.

One of my favorite quotes is by Paul Eluard:

Il n’y a pas de hasard, il n’y a que des rendez-vous.

or :

Quand la Jeunesse fouta camp, la Sagesse s’installe!…

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