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La Symphonie de la Mer : Collaborative Project

Here’s the perfect example of a project we love at eChlorial:“La Symphonie de la Mer” (Symphony of the Sea). It’s the fruit of a poetic collaboration between the famous Brazilian composer Antonio Santana and Pierre Mollo, a professor specializing in plankton and himself a bit of an artist…

The aim of the“Symphony of the Sea” project is to create an original work for the general public, to raise awareness of the fragility of plankton and our oceans. Chlorella and spirulina, whose exceptional virtues our community enjoys every day, are micro-organisms that are an integral part of plankton, which is why we are particularly sensitive to this project.

“Making these micro-organisms a food for everyone, but also an everyday food to meet the needs of humanity. It’s an idea that needs to be supported, as the Hummingbird says: everyone does their bit.”

Pierre Mollo

To continue and finalize this symphonic work dedicated to the sea, Pierre and Antonio need our support! That’s why they’re launching a crowdfunding campaign, the details of which you’ll find below:

To give a little help!

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