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I took Chlorella for years, at the time I didn’t know about eCHLORIAL which may not have existed, and I was/am very, very demanding on the quality – as for all the products I buy because I know that Nature hates anything chemical! An example jumped out at me one day: all the people who had been taking chemical pharmaceutical products for years complained that Quinton (René Quinton’s seawater) did not work on them, whereas for people like me, during “percutaneous hydrotomy” sessions for a rather nasty sciatica, we had results as early as the 3rd session! This is simply because we were not “stuffed with pharmaceutical chemistry! To be able to act, a product even 100% natural, if it is confronted with chemical poisons, it must first fight to eliminate them before being able to act (which can sometimes last a long time!) Moreover, it can sometimes result in inconveniences of all kinds, due to this fight that the body must lead! As for the most harmful heavy metals, Chlorella can work miracles; however, in recent years, for reasons I cannot mention here, more and more people ingest it every day without knowing it, even if they are very careful, and more and more children are victims! It would be useful to take some without stopping. In another case…when will people understand that the whole range of so-called chemical “medicines” (some of which are petrochemicals – which they will never be told…) are ALL poisons for animal-human or animal organisms!??? The side effects (some of which are VERY serious) are no longer calculated! These “drugs” bring in billions! We live in a world ruled by money, very big interests, and it is not about to stop!

Even the meat is not clean anymore! For years, I don’t consume any more meat and I’m always looking for good food, as much organic as possible, but even with the difficulties to find it, I won’t give up! Also, the Chlorella that I used to take did me a lot of good! I stopped months ago for budgetary reasons as I only have a very small pension, but I intend to start again as soon as possible, as much for my animals as for myself and it will be eCHLORIAL! So much for the price! Do as I do: I make my own cosmetics, cleaning products, laundry etc…and what a saving in addition to NO pollutants!!! For the rest… A headache? (rare – once in ten years) and it is the essential oil of lavender that makes it go away in 3 to 5 minutes! An insect bite? I go for Tea tree essential oil, sometimes with a drop of lavender essential oil, pure, and no more reaction to the bite! Of course, one should not do anything with these oils. It is necessary to know them WELL and to know yourself as well. But EVERYTHING can be learned by those who really want to!

Come back to Nature, it is the only wise decision to take IF you want to stay healthy. INFORM YOURSELF, learn, have a scientific mind, and learn to choose serious companies and do not buy just anywhere under the pretext of “too expensive or not”; give priority to your health rather than a night out in a club or a little folly that will not bring you anything in terms of health, put some money aside from time to time and you will be able to buy clean, natural and TRUE! GET INFORMED! How many people have ingredients in their kitchen cupboards that they don’t even know about, nettles (beneficial) and plantain in their gardens that they don’t even know about? Start with “the simple ones”, there is information on the net: Take advantage of it before the “elites” deprive us of it!!! If you knew the enormous range that Nature can offer us, you would fall off your chair! I can’t wait to buy the Chlorella from eCHLORIAL and maybe some spirulina too!

At 72 years old, I have more resistance and health than many people in their fifties and even much younger people! Despite the occasional minor setback, I am doing better than many people! In more than 20 years, I have only had one small cold that I got rid of in 48 hours, not for nothing. Last winter, I kissed a person with the flu. Did I catch his flu? NO! Stop assaulting your immune system with everything that fattens the multinationals that are killing you! And choose the SERIOUS companies that REALLY work for your well-being! These people will always give you useful advice. And most of the time, they work with serious scientists who are passionate about their work and will never do anything that is against life! Have at least one blood test per year, to know if everything is going well before you start, if you are worried for any reason, this will help Muriel Cathaud, or another qualified person concerning Chlorella, to advise you. And avoid as much as possible big stresses, especially permanent stresses, we know today that they are vectors of many health problems, some of which can be serious. Serious studies have been done on this.

Good health to all.


Testimonial originally published on : 6 lies about chlorella

Jane, 5 September 2018
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