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With Chlorella, I improved the quality of my sleep, got back in shape and above all my allergies decreased

As soon as I started taking Chlorella, the quality of my sleep improved and I felt better during the day.

I saw my allergist again last week, a year and a half after my last visit. After doing his battery of tests, to my surprise, he advised me to reduce the dose of corticosteroids.
I owe you these few lines, since I started taking chlorella regularly after hearing your presentation. It is the argument about the reduction of inflammatory phenomena that caught my attention.

I have been suffering for years from chronic bronchitis, with all the symptoms that go with it: persistent fatty cough, and depending on the time of the year, respiratory insufficiency, asthma and high sensitivity to infections with antibiotics. Whereas in the past, these symptoms only appeared during the pollen season, they have progressively extended to the whole year.
At 58 years old, I felt like I had no respite, and sometimes I wondered how far the worsening of the disease would take me!

Traditional medicine certainly helped. Over the years, I had two desensitization treatments, one by injection and the other by mouth, which greatly reduced the signs of the grass pollen allergy. Then, as the bronchitis worsened, I had to accept inhaled corticosteroids, in different forms. A year and a half ago, my allergist advised me, in view of the results of his battery of tests, to double the dose and I followed his advice.
I started taking chlorella last July, 10 months ago. At first, I took 10 tablets of Echlorial in the morning on an empty stomach. I didn’t notice any particular improvement on the criteria I was interested in. On the other hand, the quality of my sleep improved and I found myself in better shape during the day.

Last fall was not a good one: three successive infections treated with three courses of antibiotics and January was shaping up to be the same, when I realized that I had to treat the sinusitis that was the cause of the bronchial infection. On the advice of a doctor friend, I did it in a simple way by nasal instillation of salt water at 1% concentration (physiological liquid) and a sulfur derivative. For the first time, I was able to beat an infection without the help of antibiotics. Chlorella seemed to work!

During the whole period that followed, I tried to optimize the intake of microalgae. I found that it could be taken on an empty stomach in the morning, or in one, two or three times during the day or before, during or after meals. No matter, the result was the same. I also played with the quantities and I am now taking three times a day 5 tablets after meals, that is to say a total of 15 tablets or 4.5 grams a day.

I saw my allergist again last week, a year and a half after my last visit. After doing his battery of tests, to my surprise, he advised me to reduce the dose of steroids. I didn’t think about the properties of seaweed at the time and forgot to explain my approach. But I admit that I feel better. I even resumed my jogging sessions that I had replaced a few years ago by walking. I am now waiting for the grass pollination period to arrive and I am preparing, if necessary, to increase the dose during these 3 to 4 weeks which are the most painful for me.

I hope that this testimony will be useful to other people who suffer from the same problems. One more advice for them: do not give up taking chlorella if it does not work immediately and try to optimize as I did. It is not a medicine, but a plant, a food that simply has particular properties. It does not cure, but it relieves.

Beyond the recommended dose of 3 grams per day for adults, each person must adapt it to his or her particular case. And if Echlorial works for bronchitis, what about other inflammatory diseases?

Jp, 18 March 2015
Note from the eChlorial team
We would like to stress that the people interviewed or who testify on our blog do so in all sincerity without any conflict of interest.


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