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Why Consume Chlorella ?

What is the use of chlorella ?

For preventive health care! Naturopaths and nutritionists very often recommend Chlorella as a first line of defence.

Chlorella can restore the imbalances at the origin of many of our small ailments. Chlorella is not a medicine, it is a food supplement composed of precious elements for health.

More and more doctors and nutritionists recommend Chlorella. They say that it allows to make health prevention while improving the general well being. 80% of new consumers perceive the beneficial effects of Chlorella before the end of the first month (*) !

Chlorella would be able to bring tonus, a better sleep and more well-being. Chlorella is recommended for all those who want to take in hand their life hygiene to give themselves the best chances to stay in shape.


With age we are exposed to deficiencies related to the aging of our organs. It is normal that these are not as efficient as before.

Our organs accumulate waste and external pollutants such as heavy metals, dioxins, pesticides ….

Chlorella, a real cocktail of precious elements, can reduce certain micronutrient deficiencies. It can promote the detoxification of our body and give our organs a better vitality.

Tonus and morale

The essential nutrients in Chlorella strengthen and stimulate the cellular metabolism that allows the production and regeneration of our tissue cells.

The elements, such as amino acids, vitamins, contained in Chlorella will stimulate the metabolic processes of the organism, notably the enzymatic functions. Chlorella acts as a toning agent.
Tryptophan is one of the essential amino acids whose deficiency can increase with age and be felt even more. Chlorella contains Tryptophan which favors the production of serotonin and melatonin on which our morale is very dependent.

Cardiovascular system

Polyunsaturated fatty acids (omegas) such as linoleic and linolenic acids from Chlorella are essential in the construction of cell membranes. They are used in the composition of medicines prescribed for the treatment of certain cardiovascular diseases and various skin inflammations. They are valuable for people with circulatory disorders.

Note that the recommended 3 g of chlorella per day is not enough to cover the recommended daily needs in Omega 3.

Pregnant or breastfeeding women?

Chlorella has a complex called growth factor (CGF). This growth factor facilitates the generation, regeneration or construction of tissues. It is valuable for pregnant or nursing women.

Chemical pollutants such as dioxins, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), widely present in our environment, accumulate in the body. At high levels they can be toxic and cause health problems. These chemical pollutants and heavy metals cross the placental barrier. The pollutants are found in breast milk. Fetuses and infants are all the more exposed if the mothers have a high concentration of these pollutants.

It is recommended that expectant mothers have a balanced, healthy diet and do not drink alcohol.

It is particularly recommended to expectant mothers to have a diet rich in fiber and chlorophyll, to consume quality Chlorella as soon as possible and to maintain this diet during breastfeeding.

Chlorella has proven its detoxifying capacities. It is therefore a precious ally to be used as soon as possible before pregnancy, during and after breastfeeding.

Chlorella for children

Chlorella has a complex called growth factor (CGF). It facilitates the construction of tissues, promotes development and is therefore very useful for growing children.

Mineral compounds such as: Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium and other nutrients such as Iron, Zinc and Selenium, are essential to cellular metabolism. Present in Chlorella, they are used to reinforce or compensate for deficiencies, to improve the production and quality of tissues, bones, teeth, nails and hair. Doctors have reported their experiences in treating autistic children with Chlorella. They found that these hyperactive children were calmed down.

Patient support

Chlorella is recommended for all those who have health problems that reduce their physical and moral resistance. The main effects of Chlorella, which make it a valuable natural supplement for the sick, are due to its action on the immune system.

A recent study, conducted by Jung Hyun Kwak (2012) and his team of researchers from Seoul University (South Korea), shows that chlorella would be able to stimulate the immune activity of a healthy adult having consumed 5 g per day of Chlorella vulgaris in tablets for eight weeks.

Scientists have recognized Chlorella’s anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-tumor potential. The natural defenses stimulated, the body will be better armed to defend itself.

Studies have been conducted to investigate the effects of chlorella on anti-cancer treatments. The anti-tumor effect of the glycopepterin fraction identified in Chlorella was found to be comparable, and sometimes even superior (Noda 1996) to that of various commercial immunomodulators used in anti-cancer therapy! Merchant et al. studied in 1990 a group of patients with malignant gliomas. They found that the organism’s defenses, strongly disturbed by chemotherapy and radiation, could be stabilized at a practically normal level by the daily administration of 20 g of chlorella without compromising the action of the drugs used.

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MERCHANT R.E., Rice, C., Young,H.: Dietary Chlorella pyrenoidosa for patients with malignant glioma: effects of immunocompetence, quality of life, and survival. Phytotherapy Research 1990, 4, 220

Diet support, risk of deficiencies

Support for slimming diets (vitamins, minerals, essential AA …)

Chlorella is a cocktail of precious elements for the health which makes it possible to mitigate the principal deficiencies which could be due to a badly balanced diet or quite simply to a bad food.

Its composition makes it a food with excellent nutritional qualities. It contains about 50% of proteins and is rich in polyunsaturated lipids, minerals, fibers, vitamins and chlorophyll. Chlorella in the morning will prevent you from snacking before lunch, no more munchies at 11 am! Taking Chlorella before each meal will significantly reduce your appetite.

Albertsson and al. in 2007 demonstrated the beneficial effect of foods rich in chloroplasts on satiety. Thanks to its fibrous membrane, Chlorella appears to be an excellent support for slimming diets.

Chronic problems

Many of us have to deal with chronic problems such as: constipation, fatigue, menopause, candida, skin (psoriasis), stress, brittle nails, sparse hair… They are often linked to deficiencies that can be eliminated.

Chronic constipation

Chlorella is a natural agent that is effective in solving problems of chronic constipation. This hormonal problem is well known to concern many women until menopause.

It was by giving chlorella to hospitalized patients suffering from chronic constipation that the Japanese identified the many other beneficial effects of chlorella. They undertook numerous studies on this small algae widely used in Japan.

The effect of Chlorella on the intestinal function is immediate, from the first days!

It is recommended to reach the recommended daily dose of about 3 grams per day, i.e. 6 to 10 tablets, within a few days depending on the reactions (see advice for a first use).

The good cleaning of an organization is essential to its good functioning! Chlorella stimulates the functioning of the intestine thanks to its fibrous membrane. It will create a favorable ground and stimulate the growth of lactobacilli, these enzymes essential to the good functioning of the intestine.

Recurring problems

Many testimonies report that Chlorella reduces, even eliminates, the manifestations due to herpes labialis and mouth ulcers!

The natural defenses being reinforced, the body is able to resist more effectively to the manifestations related to the viruses which slumber. The consumption of Chlorella makes it possible to no longer be a victim of those famous painful and unsightly “fever blisters” that occur at the slightest of our weaknesses or at the slightest exposure to the sun.

Many testimonies report that the consumption of chlorella makes it possible to improve certain allergies, such as seasonal allergies.

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