Almost disappearance of fever blisters

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I already bought Chlorella in an organic store before (from Taiwan), and the arguments put forward on your site convinced me to try your product, which is made in Europe (guarantee of traceability) and in a protected atmosphere (i.e. your production method in a tube).

I consume this chlorella regularly throughout the year and more particularly in autumn and at the end of winter, periods when I used to feel more atonic, more vulnerable to flu and viral infections (such as cold sores). I must say that there has been a clear improvement in the last few years: the few flu infections that I have suffered have been much less than in my family or professional environment (no intense fatigue, for example, as I had felt in the last decade) and fever blisters have almost disappeared (only one small attack, which was quickly stopped, probably due to the fatigue of a move).

Moreover, having considerably reduced my consumption of red meats and cold meats these last years (without becoming a vegetarian!) I have not had to deplore any anemia (my blood tests confirmed it), which I owe (perhaps?) to this dietary accompaniment of chlorella. I have also recommended your chlorella to my ex-husband who has been taking it regularly ever since (he is a great sportsman, having excluded meat from his diet, he had suffered from repeated anaemia before integrating this food supplement into his diet) as well as to a teacher-researcher friend who very quickly noticed an improvement in the quality of her sleep. I therefore continue to trust your product despite its cost, which is unfortunately not within the reach of everyone.


Anonymous, 18 March 2015
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