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My dog has been diagnosed with spleen cancer since the beginning of June, he is 9 years old and the vet just gave me some previcox to relieve him. However, he has resumed eating his bowl but he scratches a lot and sometimes he shakes. My dog is a labrador of 36 kg. I would like to have more information on your products, thank you because I am a little helpless to see him in this state and I know that the vet told me that he could not do much for him, I love my dog …




I’m here to give you some news about my dog Alto.

For some time now, I have been wondering about the health of my dog who is doing well, whereas in June last year we diagnosed him with spleen cancer.

Last Wednesday, I saw another veterinarian and explained to him all that I did for Alto. He told me that it was strange because a dog with spleen cancer has a life span of 3 or 4 months.
The vet did an ultrasound and I couldn’t believe my eyes, his spleen was clean and without cancer, without anything, except that he has a kidney a little bit bigger than normal, that’s why he drinks a lot after eating… On his blood test, everything is normal except for a slightly higher level of calcium.

In any case, I think that chlorella has contributed a lot to the health of my big doggie and I thank you very much. I think that without having known you on the web, my dog would not be alive now.

Thank you again



Good evening Sylvie

Thank you for your message and for having been kind enough to share this excellent news with me.

I am absolutely delighted to have contributed to the good health of your beloved companion.

You have had the same experience as people who have already expressed their great surprise and gratitude towards the extraordinary contribution of chlorella on their pet.

Let me put your testimony on the site? Making the benefits of chlorella known is always greatly appreciated.

I thank you in advance

Very cordially

Muriel Cathaud


Good evening,

I will of course allow you to put my testimony on the site, I am so happy about this good news and once again, a big thank you.


Anonymous, 24 March 2015
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