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The results obtained with Chlorella on the health of our old English shepherd dog Gatsby convinced us of the medical virtues of this small precious alga. We have been consuming it ever since.

Gatsby got sick in February 2010. To be honest, it was not really a surprise, considering the advanced age of our dog. He became anemic and was constantly in vomiting spasms. A CT scan revealed that he had spots on his spleen, he had cancer. Given his age, surgery was not an option. The only solution to relieve him was to give him high doses of cortisone. Unfortunately, he couldn’t take it. He got really sick, vomiting constantly, writhing in pain and losing all his hair.

After two weeks of this treatment, and against the advice of the vet, we decided to stop everything. Not being able to bear to see our dog suffer so much, we had to consider euthanasia.

My mother, who is a nutritionist, reacted to our decision and suggested that we try putting Gatsby on Chlorella for a while. She has been using Chlorella as a dietary supplement for many years and is full of praise for the medical benefits of this little algae.

We had nothing to lose by trying it. We gave him 12 tablets a day of Chlorella.

At the end of the 3rd week we noticed an improvement in Gatsby’s condition. He had more energy, less spasms and his gums had turned pink again, a sign that his anemia was disappearing.

I had a hard time believing that it was Chlorella that could be responsible for this effect, which was more like a miracle! But I had to face the facts, one year later Gatsby, still on Chlorella, his only remedy, was still alive and well.

The vet confirmed that his spleen was healthy again without any cancerous spots. Gatsby is very alert for his age and has regained a good coat.

Needless to say, the whole family is now taking Chlorella, including the cat and our other dog!


Anonymous, 24 March 2015
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