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I knew this green alga for a while, being diagnosed with heterozygous Beta thalassemia, so not severe, but with an insufficient hemoglobin level all the same… I have tested other brands and to this day I am still not convinced of the difference, even if I actually prefer your chlorella – in tablets, because I hate swallowing capsules and even more when I think of the components that the capsules are made of. At first I was hesitating for the powder but I am afraid that the taste is unpleasant, so the tablets suit me 100%. And so my observation is that I feel less tired, or at least I can lead my life and my work during the day like everyone else, well almost. On the other hand, as soon as I forget to take the chlorella I feel it immediately, dizziness and weakness. My question is if you can take chlorella without interruption, all year long, 12 months out of 12? for years? is there a break to be taken at a given time to avoid an overload of chlorella or… can you continue without any risk or harmful effect at a given time? I also noticed the appearance of small “micro pimples” on my neck and décolleté while taking the chlorella. Is this normal? They are micro pimples invisible to the eye but noticeable to the touch… so instead of having a fine skin I now have a “rough” skin on the neckline area and it persists (almost 2 months already-coincides with the change of chlorella-the beginning of Echlorial)

Thank you in advance for your answers.


Marina, 7 June 2018
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