Chlorella and hemorrhoids

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I have been taking Chlorella for 4 years now, I do cures 2x a year following hemorrhoidal problems and anal fissures. I have been treated by ointments, medicines such as laxative and others and no improvement. I searched via internet what I could do to get out of it (out of question to make me operate), I spent whole evenings behind my computer to find a solution not to suffer any more and one day I fell on a site which spoke about the chlorella. I read everything that was said about this algae, then I decided to buy it to try it and oh miracle it worked. Since then I don’t separate myself from my chlorella, I stop as soon as I finish the jar in order to take a break but now I think I’ll do it all year long because each time I stop, my little worries come back and I’ll have 3-4 days before it becomes normal again. On the other hand, with chlorella, we tan very easily in summer, which is an advantage. Chlorella is a very good product. I am delighted


Agnès, 4 June 2018
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