A very or even too powerful product

My naturopath recommended it to me for recurrent digestive problems, after one month, no improvement, I know it’s short but it’s not that which appealed to me.

Indeed, at the beginning of the intake, I felt vitality, perseverance, encouragement in my daily tasks and what struck me the most was my cerebral organization, my ideas in order and a lot of reactivity, also in my expression. After a month, I felt more and more tired and woke up at night, so I had dark circles and I am not used to it. My body went on autopilot and it was like a part that escaped me. One morning, I woke up with a real no desire to go and that’s when I stopped everything.

In conclusion, I think that this product is powerful and that it brings to light our weak points, so it requires a lot of listening and attention.


Mubio, 11 March 2018
Note from the eChlorial team
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