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Where to buy organic spirulina and how to choose it?

Where to buy the best organic spirulina and how to determine its quality? Organic stores, Amazon,… List and tips to find the spirulina powder or tablets you are looking for.

Which is the best organic spirulina?

The best organic spirulina is: locally grown (preferably Europe), sun-dried and certified organic, but above all: the one that does you the most good!

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What is the best organic spirulina?

Above all, choose a spirulina whose brand is transparent as to the origin, the price to weight ratio, but also all the information you are looking for personally: the method of cultivation, the percentage of protein, the drying method, its purity, the phycocyanine content, organic certification, etc.

The French brand eChlorial, specialized in high quality micro-algae, meets these quality criteria and offers spirulina in powder and tablets: Certified Organic + Cultivated in Europe + Dried at low temperature and in a perfectly controlled environment away from pollution – difficult conditions to meet!

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Buy spirulina in store: pharmacies, online, Organic shops…

You will often find a wide choice with different brands of organic spirulina in tablets and powder in organic stores like biocoop. You will have several choices of brands but be careful, only some spirulina are certified organic and very few display the origin of the spirulina! You can also find sometimes spirulina from the country, not certified organic but of excellent quality and usually local. Unfortunately, these stores only offer small formats of spirulina (100g or less).

Amazon or other online shops

It is quite possible to get organic spirulina on Amazon which has a wide choice of brands that are often large companies, unfortunately the market place being very competitive we find almost only spirulina whose origin is hidden (most spirulina coming from Asia are bought at very low cost, beware of quality!)

Can I buy locally grown, organic spirulina?

You may find small spirulina growers who for the most part produce quality spirulina. This one is often not certified organic because of the numerous constraints of the specifications of the organic production of spirulina. The spirulina is often proposed in the form of flakes because it is dried in this form, very rarely in tablets or powder.

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Certified organic, Tablets, 2 months worth of cure

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