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Chlorella: an unsuspected powerful antifungal agent?

Chlorella, A Powerful Antifungal Potential

Scientific studies indicate that chlorella possesses powerful antifungal properties. The results of studies by infectious disease expert Professor Meghan Duffy (University of Michigan, USA) encourage her to continue her research into the use of chlorella as an antifungal agent for humans.

In 2021, to find an environmentally-friendly way of combating plant-damaging fungi, researchers studied extracts of Chlorella vulgaris. They tested three types of chlorella extracts to see if they could stop the growth of six fungi.

The results showed that two of the extracts, in particular the one obtained with diethyl ether (CvDE), were highly effective in preventing the growth of these fungi. The treatment reduced the amount of fungus spores and damaged its structure.

By studying the chemical composition of the chlorella extract, the researchers identified several substances, some of which are known to have antifungal effects. These results suggest that the composition of Chlorella vulgaris could be an interesting and eco-friendly alternative to traditional fungicides.

Chlorella and Candida?

Thanks to testimonials from organic chlorella eChlorial consumers, we already knew that chlorella helps to resolve candidiasis (candida albicans) problems with surprising effectiveness and speed… and without any identifiable deleterious side-effects!

It was by studying the influence of the dietary environment of water fleas and in particular their ability to fight pathogenic fungi that the protective role of chlorella was highlighted by Professor Meghan Duffy in 2018.

“In conclusion it appears that the different types of algae that water fleas can consume clearly influence their ability to avoid their infestation by the fungus or not. Three of these species even completely prevented infection […] When the water fleas consumed Anabaena, Microcystis, or Chlorella, they were not infected. Anabaena and Microcystis produce toxins that are dangerous to humans, while Chlorella is consumed and sold as a health food supplement. The team will continue research to test chlorella as an anti-fungal for humans.”

“Fungal diseases (due to the action of a pathogenic fungus) have a real negative impact on our health. We tend to think they’re not very important, but 1.5 million people die every year from these diseases, and there are very few effective antifungal drugs available. So there’s a real need,” she says.

Meghan Duffy

Human diseases caused by the presence of fungi are significant, and to date there are few drugs available to combat them. Tomorrow, new antifungal “chlorella-based” drugs could enter the Western pharmacopoeia.


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