Chlorella is magic

  • Herpes, Sores

For me, Chlorella is magic because it solved a herpes problem that was polluting my life

I would have given a fortune to find a solution to my problem! A herpes lablial has handicapped my life for years… I had a “fever blister” on my lower lip at least once a month at the slightest weakness, as soon as the first rays of sunshine came out!

My job brings me into permanent contact with the public and when a herpes pimple appeared I knew I was in for at least 10 days of aesthetic horror, pain and discomfort ….

Taking Chlorella on a regular basis solved my problem, which has not yet found a medical solution. The virus is still present but it is weakened, or my natural defenses are strengthened, or both at the same time, which silences the expression of the symptoms of herpes.

Chlorella has become a little magic algae for me!

Sophie, 5 April 2016
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