Chlorella is really good for me

  • Fatigue
  • Healing
  • Well being

Chlorella does me a world of good, it heals all my ailments, makes me look good…and makes me feel good…

About 2 months ago, three times when I came back from 16/18 km hikes, my ankles were covered with red patches as if the small vessels had burst because of the friction of the big shoes. The doctor diagnosed purpuras… I stuffed myself with chlorella, everything healed very quickly, everything disappeared, never to return… I felt like an old granny, but no, it didn’t come back.

5 years ago, my companion fell from a ladder while working, I have to say that putting a ladder in a staircase on a Friday the 13th, it’s risky!!!!!! He got a huge and horrible hematoma on his leg. We had to take him to the emergency room because he was in so much pain. The following days, we were amazed to see how quickly this hematoma healed and disappeared, my companion swallowed at least twenty chlorella tablets a day, even more…

He took a lot of chlorella, it made him less nervous, calmer, less anxious ….

I gave your contact information to my dentist, because after the installation of implants on two of my molars, he was very surprised to see how quickly the gum tissue grew back… Doctor […] in Rouen.


Anonymous, 18 March 2015
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