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I have been taking chorella regularly for 4 years.

At the beginning I had a lot of side effects: anxiety attacks, not very well psychologically. But I read that the less you feel good, the more you should take it. That’s what I did, I took 20 a day in one go.

I also wanted to tell you that I took 15 a day while pregnant and I had no side effects during my pregnancy.

No vomiting, no constipation, no nausea, in short nothing and my son is doing well, but be careful not to take just any one, I always took Echlorial because it is cultivated under glass, don’t have fun taking something else because there is chlorella with metals, but don’t put it in contact with iron, put it in a wooden cupboard and if you take it in powder form take it with a wooden spoon.


Jdack, 30 November 2015
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